July 04, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hey guys, where are you?
All dressed up and ready to party....

Me, me, me FIRST!!!! Yeeah!!!!
The girl is MINE!
Charlie is the first to arrive and is so happy to see Fame again....

...but not for long.
One girl on three boys can be difficult to divide.
And in the background the Boss (26) is slowly approaching.
Make Way, there.

Guess where the girl is.

Girls Smell Nice.

Now the girl is MINE!
Nessprinten is guarding Fame jealously. Too close and there's trouble.
Poor Charlie, he had looked forward to some scratching.

Before getting to the pasture, we took a detour.
No summer without a Beach Trip.
It was warm today, 26 centigrades, and I almost did not manage to get Fame out of the water.
She just loves a bath on a warm day. Me too.

To a girl, wearing correct shoes on every occation is Very Important.
(Trust me, I am spending half my life in Paris at the moment.
In France they take shoes AND beach life very seriously)


The summer in Scandinavia is not long, and it is so beautiful right now.
Those long, light summer nights.

And all those lovely wild flowers!
(Yes, they are very nice, says Fame.
Crunch, crunch)

Who needs Paris?

A whole summer of Grass Party. How much better can it get???
(OK. Will miss the beach.)
Fame says
"Have a Nice Summer Everyone"