April 22, 2010

Ash st(r)uck

Last week I was in Northern Norway when the volcano Eyjafjallajökul started messing about.
To make a long story short, the trip home that normally would have taken a couple of hours took two days.
And I was lucky compared to many others.
I am sharing some of the pictures from the train ride home, day two.
We are in between Trondheim and Hamar, mid part of Norway.

Not the best quality I am afraid, taken with a cell phone out of a train window!

I love the majestic, serene beauty of the mountains.
They don't care about harsh weather, about man's struggle, life and death.

Coming home, I was met with another bout of snow (melting away during the day).
But the day after -  my favourite spring sign: The return of the wild geese.
I just love that sight and sound! 
Welcome back! How wonderful that you made it!
They are happily cheering each other on: Not far now! Keep the formation!

The weekend before last, I had another lovely ride with my daughter.
We packed food for the horses, and started out in lovely spring weather.

Happy Norwegian Cowboy #1 (undercover dressage lady on secret mission)

Happy Norwegian Cowboy #2.
Not chasing cows, but a place to eat!

Fame is fascinated by the sight and sound of the small waterfall.
We rode to our favourite place place to stop, and the horses were very happy for that.
They know the way, and they know what's up when we arrive...

Lunch time!
My daughter is Purchase Manager, I am the Bank and Horse Manager.
She happily purchases away whatever they have got.
Today's catch is waffles, carrot cake and chocolate cake. 
Health food for hungry cowboys. 
(Bank got busted.)

Down to the leftovers.

This lovely place is under siege from hungry people wandering around in the area.
We are in between skiiers and bikers though, so today it was a peaceful place.
When everything is eaten up, it is time to leave.

Bye for now!
Fame and Charlie are happily walking along towards home.

During the upcoming three months I will work in Germany three days a week due to a large project.
It will be hard work, but interesting too.
Might be less time for blogging though. 
We'll see.

April 08, 2010

Easter sun


And finally, on Easter Day the sun took mercy on us frozen Polar people, and showed herself.

I took a trail ride with my daughter's pony Charlie in the morning.
The gravel roads are just perfect now, soft and inviting.
He needs some power work to increase strength, so we took intervals of collected canter on our way upwards.
Collected canter, followed by a short stretch of extended canter to flush that lactid acid away from the muscles, and then a walk until the breathing is normal again.
New interval.

When going downhill, we trained on stretching out in the walk.
Hard work thought Charlie, who tried to solve the equation with jogging instead.
Without success.

At the edge of the road the water from the melting snow  has created snake patterns.

A stretch through the forest again.
Once the snow has melted away we will get some wonderful spring flowers here.
Charlie still would like to jog:
"We're on our way home now...please?"
Nope. No jogging.

When coming home both Charlie and Fame got their lunch in the sun.
I love to let their coats finally get some sun and air after using rugs through the winter.

Guess who else enjoyed her lunch?
First time sitting out in the sun this year.
Ah. I have waited for this sunny day the entire Easter. I am so happy it finally arrived!

After lunch it is time for horse #2.
Fame got kicked in her left front leg on Thursday and is on antibiotics, so we're just out walking to get the swelling down. Luckily it was at the upper, muscular part.

She loves to stop and have a look around.

One has to enjoy the view.
But hey, what's this??

Oh. Some green stuff!
(Well. Green? But one cannot be too choosy)

Snow is no hindrance.
Notice the elegant way we are resting the front leg here.

And one final look at the view before returning home.
Thanks for accompanying us!

April 03, 2010


I wish you all a Happy Easter!

This year it seems as if we better enjoy it inside, as outside it is rain, sleet and snow.
Of course, to us daunting Horsepeople that doesn't matter much.
Out and about in all types of weather, we are.
As they say here in Norway; "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing".

I believe I have had my share of snow now.

I want to curl up in a sunny corner and feel the warmth of sun in my face, to feel that spring finally has arrived.
It is spring enough to have the stable yard turned into a mud bath though.
Muckboots are just one of the best inventions ever!

Comes highly recommended

The arenas are no better, so I have been up early to be able to ride in the indoor arena nearby.

The weather forecast says it will be some sun tomorrow.
I am crossing my fingers.

In the meantime, it is salmon for dinner. Yummy!

Enjoy your Easter!