My horse

Electric Fame

Fame at the yearly breeding show at Linnesvollen, where she won as 2 yo 

I bought my present horse, Electric Fame, from her breeder Gro Vaage, Freste Gård, as a 3 year old in 2006.
At that time she was not backed and had been raised outdoors together with the other youngsters on the farm.
"Electric" is the prefix from the breeder.
Fame has a nice pedigree (Power Boy - Llanarth Alleycat), and had been awarded the title "Best Foal" and "Best 2-year old" at the main national show when I bought her.
Later that year after I bought her she topped that, becoming best 3 year old Dressage Pony, and second best Jumping Pony.

Fame with my daughter and me when winning as a 3 yo
Fame jumping at the 3 yo test

When you buy a promising youngster, the burden weighs on you.
I feel I have a responibility to try and nourish her talent, and develop her to the best of my ability.
I do not always feel that I am up to that task, but I what I can and will do is to give her a good life with me.
(Which I suppose is what matters most to her)

Fame with Anna before a competition

The lively (and sometimes unruly) youngster has grown both in body and mind, and has turned into a still lively, but (mostly) sensible and easy handled horse. She is very dear to me.

I try and get variation in her work.
Dressage training is what takes most of the time, but we are hacking out quite a lot and also do some show jumping which she really enjoys.

Bareback training in the outdoor arena during wintertime

Every summer, I let her out on pasture for about six weeks.
I feel that is a good way of keeping your horse sound in mind and body.
It is one of my best horse-y moments of the year, letting the horses run off on the green grass, with nothing to do but eat and romp around in the summer sun.
It is a nice way both for her and me to relax and enjoy some weeks of doing nothing.
When we start up again at the autumn, we are both happy to get back to work.
(And to get those extra kilos off)

Fame on summer vacation 2010

If you want to read how I broke my principles and bought her - I had decided a long time ago to never buy a horse that had not been backed - you can read more here.

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