October 21, 2010


I am looking at my pictures in previous blog posts, and it seems so long ago...

Fame isn't quite that keen on taking a bath now.
The temperature drops below freezing point during the nights.
"You're sure? We are to cross? Just let me take a drink first....and maybe we should just turn around while we are at it?"

It was two beautiful autumn days this weekend.
During the week too, but then I was sitting at the office, longing to get out and once I got home the sun was too low.
So I was a happy girl to get sunshine during the weekend too!

We had a lovely bareback hack, Fame and me, all by ourselves taking one of the roads that climbs up one of the mountain sides.
It was late afternoon, and the higher we got the more sunshine we had.

What are you doing up there?

Unfortunately much of the view over the valley on the way up is blocked by trees, but on some points there's a clearance. When you get up far enough you can see all the way down to the sea.
(My cell phone does not do justice to what we saw)

There is even a small resting place at one clearing for those who walk up by their own legs and don't cheat, like me.

Once up at the top I jumped off Fame, and walked beside her the way down though.
She wasn't all that happy with the servings. Where's the lush grass? 

Autumn is a beautiful period of the year.
All those wonderful colours, and the blue sky.

Last weekend, we were on Labour Camp.
Our Danish trainer Jimmi was here, and we had training sessions Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I am afraid I am unable to share any pictures from the training session as my photographer refuses to accompany me to the indoor arena (*sigh*)

We had a dressage session on Friday.
Much of the tension that we struggled with a couple of months ago has been solved, and it's been so fun to work lately.
But if you solve one problem, it's time to take care of the next one!
We have to continue to work to improve Fame's strength, through more collected work.
I feel that the trot work has gotten better (which we struggled with earlier, hooray!) but that the canter needs more work. Half-pass in trot has improved, in canter we still struggle.
We played around a bit with some flying changes, and I need her up in form to improve them.
Jimmi was satisfied with the work though, and I was very happy with my horse.

On Saturday and Sunday we played show jumpers.
I find it great fun, and so does my horse - but unfortunately we don't get any regular training.
She was such a good girl though, enthusiastically attacking anything in front of her, and doing a good job of it too (in spite of the dimwit on top of her).
All in all it was a good weekend, with a lot of fun!

A kisss, anyone?