November 26, 2010


Saturday  this week

Saturday last week

Returning home from sunny Florida I was met with winter.
We had a beautiful flight over a winter landscape when returning to Oslo, with the evening sun setting and coloring the mountains in light pink hues.
And I was happy to come home.

This morning it was -18C/ 0F.
I was slightly less happy to be home.

November 02, 2010

Watch out

....over there guys, because on Thursday I am leaving for Orlando, US!
It will be the first time for me to visit USA, so it will be exciting.
I am to attend a symposium related to the project I was working with in Paris, but will have a couple of days to have a look around too. 
(Any suggestions?)

The weather at home is not much to be happy about.
We have changed from summer time to winter time, so now it's dark when I come home from work and it's been raining too.

Weather forecast for tomorrow at home is:

but, in Orlando it's:

I can live with that.