April 08, 2010

Easter sun


And finally, on Easter Day the sun took mercy on us frozen Polar people, and showed herself.

I took a trail ride with my daughter's pony Charlie in the morning.
The gravel roads are just perfect now, soft and inviting.
He needs some power work to increase strength, so we took intervals of collected canter on our way upwards.
Collected canter, followed by a short stretch of extended canter to flush that lactid acid away from the muscles, and then a walk until the breathing is normal again.
New interval.

When going downhill, we trained on stretching out in the walk.
Hard work thought Charlie, who tried to solve the equation with jogging instead.
Without success.

At the edge of the road the water from the melting snow  has created snake patterns.

A stretch through the forest again.
Once the snow has melted away we will get some wonderful spring flowers here.
Charlie still would like to jog:
"We're on our way home now...please?"
Nope. No jogging.

When coming home both Charlie and Fame got their lunch in the sun.
I love to let their coats finally get some sun and air after using rugs through the winter.

Guess who else enjoyed her lunch?
First time sitting out in the sun this year.
Ah. I have waited for this sunny day the entire Easter. I am so happy it finally arrived!

After lunch it is time for horse #2.
Fame got kicked in her left front leg on Thursday and is on antibiotics, so we're just out walking to get the swelling down. Luckily it was at the upper, muscular part.

She loves to stop and have a look around.

One has to enjoy the view.
But hey, what's this??

Oh. Some green stuff!
(Well. Green? But one cannot be too choosy)

Snow is no hindrance.
Notice the elegant way we are resting the front leg here.

And one final look at the view before returning home.
Thanks for accompanying us!


RuckusButt said...

Ha ha, I'm sure Fame was just trying to "ice" that front leg on the snow! That road does look very inviting for some canter. I finally rode outside on the weekend and it was the best time I've had in a long time. We got to enjoy lunch outside too, so I can relate to how fabulous that feels!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful scenery. It's nice to finally be able to get some sun and even better to do it on horseback.

Hope Fame feels better after icing her leg in the snow.

trudi said...

Great pics, hope Fame gets right very soon. Glad you got the sun you ordered, how much longer before the snow goes and the green stuff appears?

RuckusButt said...

Since trudi mentioned ordering sun, is there any sign of the abdominal muscles we ordered a while back? I could really use them right about now!

trudi said...

LOL RB, they'll be lost in the post in all the bad winter weather ;-)

Wolfie said...

Love your pictures, HoC! Your lunch looked delish. :-) Enjoy the sun!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

I rode Fame for the first time this evening since the accident, and she was fresh as a three year old, and with about as much concentration too. Someone had exchanged her to the quick and reactive antelope again, always on the lookout and with great abilities to teleport - much to her own entertainment (not so much to mine).

Trudi - that is a time frame that's beyond my business area, I'm afraid! Today it's been fab weather with 14 centigrades. Unfortunately I've been stuck at the office. I will file a complaint. Somewhere.

RB - No, I've been waiting ageeeees. Terrible delivery time! Where can they be???

Shanster said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me! I'm so glad Fame is healing well - shew!! And green is green... no such thing as being picky this time of year!

Yup, Sera is a TB... she was never tattoo'd or raced, too slow and they sent her home. I picked her up when she was 4 and she was pretty icky... bossy, reared, backed OUT of the arena in a training level test with comments on my test of "VERY NAUGHTY HORSE!" (for shame!)

We'll compete at 2nd level this year and now she (mostly) happily goes along and we have a really good partnership. We trust each other and I we have fun together.

I posted pix of a clinic here - I don't think I have even 1/4 the seat YOU have!: http://shanstergoatsnmore.blogspot.com/2010/03/like-watching-paint-dry.html

And the story of getting her here:

Sorry I'm so chatty! It's FRIDAY! Happy weekend!

Laura Crum said...

Horse Of Course--I've been reading your blog right along, but usually can't get the comments to come up. Today, for some reason, they did, so just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. And also your comments on EI. I scrolled back here to try to find your post on Charlie that you mentioned in your comment to me, but couldn't find it. Anyway, thanks again--I love the photos--its a window on a very different world from mine. Cheers--Laura

Once Upon an Equine said...

Hurray for the sun! What a nice ride you had on Charlie. Sorry about Fame's injury. I hope she heals quickly.

allhorsestuff said...

Great Easter Sunshine for you to begin a thaw!
Nice ride on Charlie pony.. was with you through your neat photos! Loved the snowy trail upwards. So sorry to hear fame got the kick..but happy it was not worse. good to walk about with the horses though...even when they are sound!

The Odyssey Farm said...

Hi HoC, sorry about Fame! I can SO relate... but glad she is back under saddle. Loved your photos, as always.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments!

Shanster, your horse is beautiful. You have done a very good job with her!
I am a TB fan, you know. We have race horses in the family.
I liked your instructor too.
Happy training!
(And I love long comments!)

Laura - thank you! I read your posts at EI with great interest as they always makes me think.
It is so fantastic to be able to share thoughts with people in another part of the world.
I am so grateful for all my blogging friends as my horse world gets bigger; as you say, they open up a window to another world. My impressions and thoughts get new impulses.
It's so exciting.
Thank you guys.

jme said...

you are my hero braving the cold scary weather to ride! it clouded up a bit today and threatened to rain when i got home from work, so i chickened out and didn't ride :-\ glad things are thawing there for you. enjoy the coming green!

Pia said...

Hi, I just found your blog as I was searching for horse blogs. I come from Finland and live in Italy. I have started horse riding again after many years and my 9-year-old daughter rides too. We take riding lessons at a stable here in Italy. I just opened my own horse blog, too in Swedish and Italian. I'm sure I'm going to read your blog often, it looks really nice with lots of lovely photos!

Merri said...

thanks for another little ride with you in the northern snow!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments!

jme - I am enjoying the spring more than I can say. Perhaps most of all the light. It is wonderful after the long, dark period..

Pia - welcome! I will check out your blog.

Merri - thanks :-)

sanjeet said...

We got to enjoy lunch outside too, so I can relate to how fabulous that feels!
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