July 29, 2009

Visit some friends!

Need some food for thoughts?
I have read some very interesting posts lately.
Why don’t you have a cupper, or grab a beer or whatever, sit down and go visit?
(I love that, sit down and visit! Outside my window it is pouring down, grey and cold. With storm warning for the evening. Feels like October. Nice to be able to visit someone and still be able to stay put, don’t you think?)
Now maybe you’ve gone visiting already, but don’t miss out if you haven’t!

First out is Kate at A year with horses.
She has been to a weekend seminar with Mark Rashid, and has in several posts given a detailed account of what happened.
I discovered Mark Rashid half a year ago, and have since bought four of his books.
He has a very thoughtful approach to horses, and I am very envious of Kate, who has been fortunate enought to be able to attend several of his clinics “live”.
I just loved his books, and I can highly recommend them to those of you that haven’t read them.
The first of Kate's posts is here.

The sofa princess has left the sofa for some tree-climbing.
Coming up is easy, but coming down???

Next three posts come from Enlightened horsemanship through touch.

The first post is called Do You Demand Your Horse’s Complete Attention?
In the worlds of traditional and natural horsemanship, there is a lot of talk about what constitutes respect. What are the horses really biologically capable of?
I leave it to you to read the post, it is a very good one, and please also read the comment from jme at Glenshee Equestrain Center here.

The second post is called Affirmations of Awareness for Horsepeople: On Perception
where Kim discusses the horses perception compared to us (and also cites some thoughts from Mark Rashid!)

The third is called The Dominance Model and Horsemanship by Equine Ethology Are Dead where Kim comments on a position paper from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior . Already in 2008, based on the most recent research, they outlined their reasons for eschewing any kind of dominance-based training.
Very interesting reading indeed, and again please also read the comment from jme at Glenshee Equestrain Center here.

There are some really good thoughts there. I feel I don’t have much to add apart from stating that I believe that all is well written and I wholeheartedly agree.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us!
There has been a lot of awards going around, but I feel that your posts at least deserve some summer flowers….here they come!

Hope you are enjoying your summer all, and that you have better weather than we have here at the moment!


Kate said...

Thanks! And very much appreciate all the other very useful links you provided!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Good links and pretty pictures. Love the "sofa princess" in the tree.

Back from my trip and will post about it soon. Learned a lot, but it was a stressful drive with some truck issues.