November 24, 2009

All shades of grey

Att: CEO Weather Dept.
Re: Recent supplies

Dear Sir,
We just want to draw your attention to the fact that the warehouse stock of Water is now filled up.
To solve the problem we have been forced to store some of the recent deliveries also in other locations (fields, roads etc.). This is giving us some trouble as the premises are not approved as storage facilities.
Another problem is that we have a large number of orders for Sun, which we have not been able to deliver. The order intake last month has been high, but we have only recieved a two day supply.
Our customers are getting upset.
We have tried to calm them with Higher Temperature deliveries, but we feel patience is running low, especially with the shortage of Daylight Hours.
If supplies of Sun still poses a problem, some of our customers might settle for some Colder Temperatures with Snow.
We are deeply concerned as the trend curves from marketing dept. show a rapid increase in Gloom.
Please advice.

Awaiting your soonest reply,
Branch office, South of Norway


Jayke said...

How clever! I agree, sun or snow, enough of this darn rain.

Di said...

Very funny, we're expecting sunny weather tomorrow....... Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

Anonymous said...

Very funny! We're going into some days of gloom, rain, sleet, uck, ourselves, so you have my (shared) sympathies!

Siri said...

It's november so it's supposed to rain, but next week I want snow! and cold weather!

Sick and tired of mud everywhere...

mugwump said...

Ahhhh.70 degrees, blue sky, no wind. Of course I'm behind my desk.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Very clever letter to the powers that be. We've had lots of rain too. I sunk into the mud up to my ankles the other day and my daughter actually had to help pull me out. Unfortunately, my shoes didn't make it! Hope you get your sun or snow soon.

RuckusButt said...

Are you sure you don't live next door to me?? It would apply equally well here. That was hilarious!

Anne i Hannover said...

9-10 degrees C, blue sky... I like autumn down here in Hannover. Of course, there won't be snow for Christmas :(

DQwannaB said...

I'm so sorry. Are you able to make it all the way to the beautiful new indoor arena? I imagine it would be quite a ride in all that wet.

I'll wish warm thoughts for you!

Once Upon an Equine said...

That's great. I do wish the weather would provide better customer service on a consistent basis.

trudi said...

Just catching up with things...this is a brilliant post!
Hope you have some good dry weather soon.

Claire said...

brilliant post!