June 26, 2010


Not much activity here these days, I am afraid.
Work, travel and good weather is keeping me away from the computer....but a small update?

One of the very best things in my horse-year is to let the horses out on summer pasture.
It feels so good to know that they for the upcoming weeks can eat all their heart desires of grass, romp around with the rest of the gang, and just be a Horse.
On Friday we let Charlie loose.
Fame should have joined him  but had somehow got a cut on the inside of her right hock, so she is on antibiotics and has to wait for a few days.

Charlie is thoroughly checked.
Aaah. You're you the same guy that was here last year?
Charlie prefers grazing to socializing.

OK guys, let's start walking!
Nessprinten (at the back) is still at 26 yo the Boss.

Me and Fame took a small walk to get the swelling down.
We splashed around in the creek (wonderful on a warm day), did some grassing on the way and fought flies and mosquitos.

We even saw a moose. Not so usual during summer time.
It was a male, his antlers had begun to grow. They lose them when winter comes, and for each year the antlers get bigger, to all hunter's delight.
It is so lovely outside now, all that lush green.

Fame's best friend, Fire-Bell, became a Mum this weekend.
Here the foal, Fire-Fly, is out for the very first time:

Isn't it amazing that they can manage to balance on those long, thin legs?

I have planned for a long time to write a post about turning/bending aids, but there has simply not been enough time. It will come though, and I would be happy for any contributions or comments on this. So think about it!

I wish you all a very good summer!

Siri/Zan-Day and Hjalmar/Tarzan


Anonymous said...

Lucky Charlie! Hope Fame will be well soon and ready for some fresh green grass!

Anonymous said...

Hope Fame is healed up soon, and that you get to enjoy your summer together!

Jen said...

Lovely photos, and what a beautiful baby! Our "baby" is now a sassy four year old, and I sure do miss watching her play and race around on those long, spindly legs (although I'm excited that we've only one more year until riding time - yay :o)

Wolfie said...

Always enjoy your photos! Hope Fame's recovery is swift. BTW, I know I would appreciate another perspective on bending/turning aids. :-) Enjoy your summer!!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Fire-fly is the cutest name for a foal ever!!

The Odyssey Farm said...

So glad you are having time to enjoy a few summer hacks at home! Wishing Fame a speedy recovery.

No one has "contributed" to your bending aid request, so I'll bite. :) I think of my inside leg at the girth like a tree rooted into the ground. So my pony has to bend around the tree to keep my knee from hitting it. I try not to think about the inside rein at all, that is just for flexion (which is not bend!!! took me forever to learn that).

Looking forward to your article!!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Aww, that foal is adorable. I hope Charlie saves some grass for Fame.

trudi said...

Hope Fame is soon out to summer grass, miss your blogging!

Merri said...

I picked up a moose's antler at a national park visitor's center and MY GOD it was heavy, I always think about how strong moose and deer necks and head are from carrying those things around.
Love the cute baby!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

DQwannaB said...

I've really, really missed your posts.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

Fame has so far healed up well. Still I am a bit worried as it was in a vulnerable place, so I hope there won't be any forming of cartilage afterwards.

Kristen - yes, isn't it a super name?