February 12, 2011

Stuck in Stockholm

This week I was travelling to Stockholm to attend a seminar, and decided to take a day off and bring my daughter with me.
We had a lovely trip and enjoyed a bit of spring feeling as there was not much snow left, and lovely weather with sun as well.
Just strolling around, enjoying a coffee and some good food, and some shopping as well.

Until Thursday, the day to travel home again.
Heavy snowing, and wind.
Our flight was to leave at 6.30 pm. We had to wait an hour at the gate, and after boarding another 1.5 hour in the plane. It was total chaos, and it ended with that we couldn't take off at all but had to stay in Stockholm over night.
SAS servicedesk just gave up, and couldn't help at all - not with hotell room (Stockholm was at this time completely booked full) nor with a return flight.
Luckily my company uses American Express travel agency - and they arranged both (you rock, guys!)

Trying to return the next day, the situation was not better.
Still heavy snowing and wind. No busses is in operation at all in Stockholm.
The express train to the airport was running but delayed.
We were wondering if our plane would leave, but the gate opened on time.
It was a bus transfer to the aircraft, but on arrival the stairs were not there to board the plane. Just a rickety one that the crew had used to get onboard.

After waiting for a while in the bus, the captain comes jogging over to the bus and says we were waiting for a normal set of stairs as well as a truck to move the plain as he was afraid it would not be possible after the passengers were onboard.
We got the same captain as the day before - and he was the best.
He kept us informed the day before, and did a wonderful job on Friday too.

The stairs never showed up, so in the end the captain (again jogging over to the bus) said the he had taken the decision that we could board so we wouldn't have to wait in the bus any longer, but asked us please to walk up one by one as it was on his responsibility.
We all entered.
De-iceing of the plane.
And then the truck was to move it.
Nothing happens.
Another truck.
Nothing happens. The plane doesn't move.
In the end, we start to wonder if we all have to get off the plane again.
Or if we will get back to Oslo at all?
After an hour, they get hold of a 4wheel drive truck, and finally something happens.
So, close to 24 hours after when we should have been at home, we finally get there.

At home it had been snowing heavily too, but I woke up today to a wonderful morning with a clear blue sky and a winter wonderland again.
Letting the horses out in the morning, they all found a sunny spot to enjoy the morning.

I took Fame out on a hack.
For the first part there were just two horses that had walked the path before us, so it was still a bit of heavy work as the snow was deep.

Such a beautiful day!

It was cold today, I guess around -10C/14F, but the funny thing is that after the very cold spell we have had, it doesn't feel that cold anymore.
Later in the evening I took the car to get some groceries, and then it was -18C/0F.
Guess it isn't spring just yet.

We had a wonderful canter in the snow up here (pic below):

And finally, returning home.
Fame was happy, albeit a bit too happy as I ended up hanging by a knee trying to pass a wood cutter.
A 180 degree turn in the air when riding bareback can be a bit tough to handle, even if she gives me good training, lol!


juliette said...

Horrid flight story - but what a beautiful snow and ride to return home too.

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. All that beauty (on my computer screen) without the cold that goes with it!

Bareback rides in the snow...perfect!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Loved all the pictures both of the city and your ride. It looks beautiful.

Plane delays are awful. Glad you made it home safe.

Merri said...

on those kind of travel adventures, I like to kiss the ground when I get home.
But you did get a glorious winter wonderland when you got home as a reward!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Anne i Hannover said...

Glad to hear that you're back home again! Reminded me of my flight home from London before Christmas;)

goodtimetoreview said...

LOVED seeing the pictures of Gamla Stan! I lived in Sweden for a year and I think i spent most of my time wanderig around the old town.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

goodtimestoreview - welcome! Yes, I love that part of Stockholm too.

Anonymous said...

Grrr I hate when that happens! At least you got home safe and sound!