June 19, 2011

Hilltops and views

One of the most wonderful ways to waken up is by the sound of a bumblebee and the curtains softly moving in the summer breeze.
Summer time is lovely.

Even if there has not been much happening here, I have been working hard on my riding.
I find that riding often feels like climbing stairs, or hilltops.
You work, and you work and not much happens.
Until one day you're reaching the hilltop, and suddenly you can see the view.

I feel that we are at a shift now, Fame and me.
We're not at the hilltop yet, but I can feel we are approaching.

I have struggled with my seat and position for so long.
Problem is that when you've used your body in a certain way over time it is really tough to get rid of your bad habits. They are good old friends with your body, and your body moves quite contrary to what you are planning yourself.
Very irritating.
Anyway, as you know we had a training weekend with Wiola and Kari from Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy.
I got some very good input, and an extensive written feedback as homework too. I felt it helped a lot both in January and now in May.

In addition to the weekly training we have the Danish trainer Jimmi T Sørensen coming over once a month.
I am very grateful for this because he both put us on track, as well as pushes us a bit further in the training.
I thought we had a good session last time, but this time it was even better!
- I rode Fame in a double bridle in training for the first time, she was a gem.
- And we managed tempi changes in every third stride on the diagonal. (for those of you that are not into dressage: flying changes in every third stride on a straight line)
I am proud as a peacock!
(you have to bear with me here, because I will probably not land on Planet Earth until next week)

Best horse there is!


Anonymous said...

You should be proud - that sounds amazing! I know exactly what you mean about the hilltops.

DressagePonyDiva said...

I get exactly what you mean too, and sometimes I feel like I will never see the top!
Excellent news about the flying changes, you should post a video.

Marley's Mom said...

Watch these 3 sisters sing at youtube.com/OfficialACE3

allhorsestuff said...

Neat-o-news of starting to feel the brushes of branches, on the way up the hilltop! Your view is superb!
Loved hearing of the inspired heart..it's okay to stay afloat, you need muscle memory for that too, should something change.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great training and great ride, you should be proud of yourself and Fame. She's such a wonderful mare. Don't worry about landing on earth yet, stay up there in the clouds for a while, the view is so nice.

Laura Crum said...

Cheers to Fame--and you. Glad you are doing so well. Enjoy your hilltop views.

The Odyssey Farm said...

Well done!! How exciting for you to be stepping up to FEI level!

mugwump said...

very, very, very cool......

Merri said...

good for you! you make me feel guilty for not taking lessons to improve my riding. can i take them vicariously through you?
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Once Upon an Equine said...

Good analogy. You but a lot of effort into your riding. The view is well deserved.

The Odyssey Farm said...

HOC, I am shocked at the violence on the news today in Norway. Prayers to you and your family that you are safe. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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