January 11, 2012


Wonderful weather on Sunday, riding home from a training session

We are in the middle of January, and the best part of the winter lies ahead.
It took me some years, but I actually do like the winter!
I would be happy to shorten it though, to exchange November (when we often have sleet, rain, fog and darkness) and January (when it often is very cold AND dark) against two more months of summer.
That would be perfect!

The creek is still open

But from now on the temperature normally is stable below freezing point, and we normally have snow.
The days are getting longer, and in February we can get some marvellous days with azur blue skies and glistening snow.
I love, love, love a beautiful scenery and we get some amazing winter landscapes if the weather is right.
And I love the snow as it brightens everything up, and is super to ride on!
(Yes, it is cold and unpractical too, layers of clothes and a cold and icy car and icy ground and snow shovelling and whatnot, but the winter comes every year so it's better to enjoy it, right?)

I love the colours of winter too, the subtle hues of blue and grey, the instensity of the sprakling white.
Up here in the north the colour of the sunshine is much more white than further south.
A winter day with full sunshine is sprakling like a gem. It is so light your eyes hurt.

We had a wonderful day today, with a clear sky and full sunshine.
I had to drive home early, and remembered that I have a video function on my cell phone. So I took a video driving through the valley, and I was hoping to be able to upload it here.
No such luck, unfortunately.
(It is in MPEG-4 formate, I thought that would be OK? Suggestions anyone?)

...but the days are short :-(

Keep warm, and enjoy your winter everyone!


Annette said...

Your photos are stunning! Here, winter is brown and barren. It's nothing like the beautiful snow you have.

Wiola said...

Absolutely beautiful :)
Most wonderful winter views I have ever seen were when we came over :)

Video - you could upload it to youtube and then embed a link (just need to go into HTML function when you post the post - that option is in the left hand corner of new post window. In English it says Compose/HTML.

Hope you will manage, it would be great to see it :)

mugwump said...

You make me willing to ride in the cold! No kidding,I've been out more this winter than I've been in years, inspired by your joy and "Cold? You think this is cold?" attitude.

I wish I could see a moose.

juliette said...

So lovely - I envy your scenery and optimistic view. I don't envy the cold temperatures, but do like that you learn to make the best of it. We have brown mud here. It isn't pretty but it is warmer than usual.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your photos are beautiful. I always love the color of snow combined with the blue skies. Everything looks so peaceful. I don't even mind the cold as long as it's not too windy. Glad you're enjoying the winter but I agree it would be better if the days were longer.

Di said...

Beautiful pics as usual HofC, your countryside is stunning!

Laura Crum said...

Horse of Course--We've been having some great winter riding, too. I posted pictures yesterday. I've got to admit, your cold weather would deter me--but I love your photos of your winter wonderland. Have fun!

HorseOfCourse said...

Anette - thank you!

Wiola - Thank you. I will try that. Thanks for your help!

Mugs - Great! No moose so far this winter. We have had less snow than normal, so they keep staying up in the mountains. Fine with me...

Juliette, GHM and Di - thanks for your nice comments :-)

Laura, I will pop over and have a look!

DollHouse said...

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