February 14, 2009

Training with a Danish twist

We have a guest trainer visiting us this week, Jimmi T Sørensen from Denmark.
He has been on the Danish national equestrian team in both dressage, show jumping and eventing.
Impressive, don't you think?
When meeting new trainers I am both curious and a bit apprehensive. I like to get new input, but I also have a clear picture of what I want from the trainer. I think I will blog about that in a separate post.

Anyway, I liked Jimmi.
He had a postitive approach.
Hey, he even wanted to buy my horse!
I instantly declined and turned into the Cheshire cat again.

As my daughter got a new camera for her birthday, I am finally able to add some photos, too.
Thanks Elin :-)

We started to work on a circle.
As she had free yesterday, Fame decided that the short side of the arena contained ghosts, and tensed up every time we passed, interspersed with some extra jumps to the side, just to add some spice to the stew *sigh*
So we worked on getting her to relax, and stayed on the circle to make some transistions trot/canter.

After she had calmed down some, we worked with shoulder-in (trot) along the long sides of the arena, turned up the centerline with leg-yield out to the track again.

She was more relaxed, but still a bit steamed up, so energy was no problem; I just had to concentrate on keeping the rythm and not tensing in my hands.
We had a short break, and then started with some canter work.
Shoulder-in along the longsides, turn up the center line, back to the track and continue in counter canter.
In the last canter she was really fine, so then we just rounded up with some streching work in trot, and called it a day.
New possibilities tomorrow.


stillearning said...

Great pictures...thanks!

Irene said...

Underbart att se att det funkar att rida dressyr ute i snön! Hon ser fin ut på bilderna. Jag gillar positiva energiska tränare som tänker på hästens bästa, men även ser till ryttarens kapacitet. Kul att se!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thank you, stillearning and Irene!
I am looking forward to the training today. Hopefully a bit less spooking and a bit more concentration ;-)

mugwump said...

What shoes do you use? How do you prevent icepack? I think you need to come over to my blog so we can discuss riding in winter!