June 06, 2009

Bitless, part two

I am very grateful for all help and input I have got on my bitless-quest.
~C, Mugwump and Sydney all recommended a sidepull, so today I went shopping.
I checked out shops in advance, as western tack is not the most commonly used here, and found a shop 3/4h drive away from home that had one model in stock, and that wasn't too expensive.
It looked all right in size.
It was produced in India, and the leather was a bit dry but not thin, so I bought it.
All my other tack is black (being a dressage nerd obliges!) so a very light brown will definitely not fit in - but the major thing was to get hold of one and try it out.
So I bought it, and once at home I found the leather balm and got to work to get some grease on it.
I also found some padding to the nose band, as I was afraid it would chaff, or be too uncomfortable for her to take a contact on.

Dressage gone Western. Git girl! Hehe.

So how did it go?

As ~C said, I could hardly feel a difference from the normal snaffle.
I am super duper happy!
Now we can work, and get some sensible work done too.
Today was more of a try-out session, with supplying exercises and a shorter session in the end with some more serious work - but all functioned well; lateral signals, release and contact, both in a supplying, lower and in a higher, more collected form. Fame seemed to relax in it too.
We will probably need some time to fine tune things, but so far it looks very good.

So once again - thanks all for your input!


stillearning said...


~ C said...

Yay! Glad you found one you liked. I do really love the sidepulls.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's good news. I've been looking at sidepulls, but though about padding for the noseband too. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Excellent choice - and she looks very pretty in it too! I mix my tack as well - we do the hybrid western/dressage/hunter look!

Once Upon an Equine said...

That sidepull looks very nice on Fame. Does it have the rawhide across the nose? I've seen some that don't, but the one that I had made for Misty had the rawhide. I just used it to start her out.

I went on a tack store drive today too. A long drive but it was worth it and it was a nice day for a drive.

Good luck with the sidepull.

Irene said...

Bra att det fungerade. Nu vet man det om man skulle behöva vara utan bett ngn gång.

Anonymous said...

If you ever need one again, Tellington TTouch Training has a sidepull called the Lindell. It's lovely, though not of the same quality as a show bridle. I even has double reins.