February 02, 2010

Make your voice heard

FEI will meet again on February the 9th.
I am forwarding the appeal from my fellow bloggers; Di at Le Puy, and jme at Glenshee Equestrian Centre.
Please make your voices heard and sign the petitions from Gerd Heuschmann and Philippe Karl!

On Feb.9th, the FEI will hold a closed door, no press allowed meeting to discuss Rollkur for the fifth time.

The list of invitees is long but only one man has spoken up loudly agaisnt rollkur again and again and refused to be silenced is invited. That one man, Dr. Heuschmann will stand quite alone in a room dominated by interests that have nothing to do with the good of the horse. Please show him and the FEI that his fight, our fight has not been in vain and that there are thousands upon thousands of horse lovers who stand with him.

A petition is live on his publisher's website.

"YOU can HELP Dr. Heuschmann put an end to rollkur on Feb. 9th at the next FEI meeting by signing your name to to a list he will take with him. Every voice is needed, it is time to step up and be counted for the good of our horses. Go to www.wu-wei-verlag.com and click "Officials! Stop Hyperflexion!". If you want to help Dr. Heuschmann prevail, end rollkur and horse suffering please share this message with everyone you know, use your Facebook page, twitter, blogs, phone. Together lets make a difference.



Dear Madam, dear Sir,

On 9 February 2010, more than 20 experts will attend an FEI meeting in Switzerland to discuss once again whether the so-called hyperflexion (“Rollkur”) is an adequate method of training a horse. In order to support the opponents of this method and offer them further arguments, a petition has been initiated at www.no-rollkur.com. We’d like to invite you to support this action against hyperflexion – time is short!

You were so kind as to sign our own petition calling for reforms of the FN rules, which was initiated in May 2009. This obviously bore fruit: The German FN eventually invited Philippe Karl for a meeting in Warendorf, Germany. They now have to find an appropriate date. We will of course keep you informed about the outcome of this meeting.

Thank you very much again for your support!


Philippe Karl & his team

The petition reads:

"The signatories to this petition ask the FEI to oppose the training method of the“Rollkur”/Hyperflexion clearly and resolutely. The FEI rules are to be adapted correspondingly to ensure that in future the use of the method of the “Rollkur”/Hyperflexion will be regarded as a violation of these rules."

to add your name, please visit:


Grey Horse Matters said...

I've signed both petitions. I did have to go to the other blog to get it in English as I couldn't find the flag for English. Let's hope it helps.

jme said...

i've signed both as well. here's hoping this time we're heard and the FEI does the right thing!

Wolfie said...

Done. Hope it helps.

Julie said...

I hope it helps...

Nice to find a Scandia blog. My Mom was from Sweden! Enjoyed visiting your blog!

stilllearning said...

Me, too.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments, and for making your voices heard.

Julia - welcome! And greetings from another Swede!