February 07, 2010

Today's musings

Grey Horse Matters has an interesting post today about the different personalities our horses have, and how important it is to adapt to their behaviour and thus get the best out of the partnership.

That made me think of something I have been musing about for a while.

When I think back on the horses that have meant most to me - they are very much alike.
How come?
Is it because I perfer one type of horse, or is it because they are affected by me?

My favourite ones have been sensible but sensitive. Brave but also spooky. Energetic. Intelligent.
Oh, what wonderful animals they are. Or were.
And I subconsiously mixed them, and used the wrong name sometimes. At least with my two favourite geldings. With Fame it is a bit different as she is another gender, but in personality she is very much the same.
My favourites have all been brown with white markings, so when I see a brown horse with white markings, my heart beats a little faster. You can have your greys and blacks – to me a brown horse with white markings is the most beautiful horse in the world!

I know of many horse owners that when they are to buy a new horse, they look for one that hasn't got the weaknesses of the previous one.
And sometimes they take the good qualities of the previous one for granted, and forget to check that out in the potential new one...

How about your horse(s)?
What type do you prefer?
Has it to do with what previous type of horse you have had?
How do you think you affect yours?

It was a wonderful winter day today.
For the first time, you could feel some warmth in the sun.

I removed the rugs on both horses, and stood for quite a while enjoyoing the sun while scratching Fame's butt.
We felt gooood both of us.

A little bit to the left, please!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad you liked my post. Fame looks like she's enjoying her scratches, what a beauty she is.

I've only bought three horses in my life that were just for me. One was my Dutch Warmblood Erik and the other my palomino quarter horse Dustyand Donnie a quarter horse/Percheron cross. All the others just seemed to come our way for one reason or another. I love them all but I'd have to say my heart belongs to the Dutch Warmblood's. They are the sweetest kindest horses but they do take lots of work to train. So at this stage I wouldn't get another on purpose. I do however like quarter horses for their brains and versatility. My favorites have been our two paints and Dusty. Of course Donnie is an ongoing mystery, but one day I do hope to be able to ride him, if I'm not too old and decrepit by then!

TCavanaugh said...

I learned after my first horse (Tank) that I love an intelligent horse with a sensible mind. My AQHA mare is the VERY best and I couldn't have made a better choice. I have a couple of others (with their 2/3 year olds), they all are very level headed and not spooky. This is important to me as I am a backyard rider.

Merri said...

that's a beautiful first picture!!
I only own one horse, and I didn't get him to ride, I just got him. He was sort of a racetrack rescue. I ride a lot of different horses for people, and the more different kinds I ride, the more I'd choose Sensible and Confident for own horse. : )

Shanster said...

Maybe a little of both? Some is their personality and some is yours... hard to know cuz they aren't telling!