January 04, 2011

An exciting start of the new year

If one munches on branches, one might get a surprise....

My friend Anne who lives in Germany was home for the holidays, and we had a very nice trail ride together on Saturday with the horses.
The horses enjoyed themselves, and we too.
The weather was lovely, finally the cold has lost some of its grip.
Just a few degrees below zero, and sun in addition - lovely!

The very nice thing about the blogosphere is the possibility to make new friends.
I love to read about all my equestrian blogfriend's experiences and stories, but now I am very excited because we are taking this one step further:

Wiola from Riding Instructor's Diary is coming over to us to throw a weekend training together with her collegue Kari, who is a chiropractor.
They have set up a very interesting training schedule where Wiola and Kari will work close together to assess each rider's problems:

Nordmarka RSK invites to a training weekend with
28-30 January, Sørkedalen

”The horse mirrors the rider’s movements”

Most horse riders know what their own personal difficulties are, but many do not understand why  - and therefore feel like they are constantly struggling to correct it.
Biomechanical restrictions can easily cause some of the problems encountered by horse riders daily, such as a weak seat, inconsistent rein contact, locked hips, tilting the upper body and/or legs forwards, and collapsing through the waist.
If your horse is crooked, lacks impulsion, is tense or is going against the aids, the cause might lie with you as the rider.
Would you like to improve yourself?
The training will be a great help to get more insight in your own riding, where you will get help to address the problem that really affects your further development – how your own body influences your horse’s movements.


Friday evening Jan 28: 
Presentation and planning.
Riding in groups of 4, lenght 30 min, assessing riders.
We sit together afterwards and share some
pizza and look into each rider’s goals, issues and problems. Discuss what comes up, and plan the training for the rest of the weekend so each rider gets a tailor made program to address his/her issues.

Saturday Jan 29:
AM: Riding 45 min session, two riders pr session.  
Part of the session will be filmed.
Lunch: Looking at the videos, and discuss what each rider needs to work with.
PM: Each rider gets ca 30 min session with chiro Kari, with exercises that will address what needs to be worked on based on the riding sessions and the discussions during lunch.

Sunday Jan 30:
Each rider gets ca 30 min session with chiro Kari before the riding sessions start.
Riding sessions 30 min, alone.
We meet and sum up the training. Feedback and help to plan further training.

Wiola Grabowska BHS Intermediate Teacher, founder of av Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy
Kari Duglebby DC BSc Hons Chiro, Chiropractor and rider
Both come from UK, and are a part of the team in Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy,  who work with a holistic approach to horse and rider.
Wiola and Kari will work close together to tailor the instruction and treatment to each participant’s needs.
Read more about them on:  


I am really excited about this!
We had maximised the number of participants to eight, and it took half an hour after I annonced the training until it was fully booked! 

Let's just hope that the temperature keeps a bit over what we have seen here lately; we have had the coldest November and December here in the last 100 years!

And here, Wiola and Kari, is the venue.
Not very grand, and looks quite deep frozen, right?
Don't dispair.
You'll get a warm welcome even if the temperature is low!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well that does sound like it's going to be exciting. I hope all the participants enjoy themselves and have the opportunity to learn something new.

Now if the weather would cooperate that would be a big check in the plus column.

Claire said...

sounds like an interesting intensive weekend!

Wiola said...

It looks beautiful! I can't wait!

juliette said...

Your snowy ride looks like it was great fun - except for the cold!
What an exciting training adventure coming up.

Also, I did respond to your poster question on my blog and I tried to email you the details, but I can't locate your email. You can email me at juliette@julietteober.com if you are still interested. Thanks!

The Odyssey Farm said...

How wonderful that you are doing this for her! I wish I could attend.

Wolfie said...

I love this! How great is it that you can meet someone through blogging and organize something like this?? Fantastic. The excitement in the air will warm things up. :-)

Shanster said...

Very cool! Have fun - can't wait to hear the report!

Once Upon an Equine said...

The plans for the riding academy look great.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

We are all looking forward to the training weekend.
Luckily the temperature has now increased some, and we have during daytime reached around -5C/23F - feels like springtime!