December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

My parent's house

On December 22 we left for Sweden to visit my parents, and to celebrate Christmas together with them and my brother and sister's families.
Lots of people in a small house with children everywhere and a lot of laughter and good food...we had a wonderful Christmas!
Thanks Mum and Dad!

This winter has broken all low temperature records, but it is so very beautiful outside - like a winter fairy tale.
So in spite of the cold, we enjoy being outdoors.

We took out two cats with us to Sweden.
King of Hunt is not affected by low temperatures, even if he spends more time in the sofa corner than normal.
But our little Sofa Princess is...well, a sofa princess. She does not get much coat to isolate from low temperatures, so we decided to take her for a short walk:

...inside my daughter's jacket.
At least she got to see something different!

A new year is on our doorstep.
It will bring new possibilities for us all.

May the new year come with many happy horse-y moments, wonderful rides and may it keep you safe and sound.
All the best!

As one who grew up in Sweden during the 70's I cannot help myself from adding a New Year's greeting from ABBA - Happy New Year!


Annette said...

I grew up in California in the 70s and I love ABBA! Happy New Year to you!

The Odyssey Farm said...

I love ABBA!! thank you so much, what a great New Year's greeting. Best to you too.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Gorgeous pictures. Happy New Year.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Gorgeous winter scenes! Glad you had a nice Christmas with your family. The Sofa Princess is a lovely winter accessory. Looks like she enjoyed her tour from her cozy spot inside your daughter's jacket. Happy New Year!

Wiola said...

Beautiful Photos - I'm sold to Norway! Very Happy New Year to you all!
P.S. I've just replied to your amazing offer too!

Kate said...

Have a very happy New Year in all aspects of your life, including horses!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful pictures of your winter wonderland! I love ABBA too! Have a Happy Healthy New Year. And may it include lots of new adventures with your horses.

juliette said...

Happy New Year! Your photos are lovely - they pull me to your part of the world - I wish...although I don't know about the moose...they frighten me a little! Enjoy the beauty of the coming year. Thanks for the ABBA fun.

Wolfie said...

Once again your pictures are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland. Best wishes for 2011!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your nice comments all!

Someone also sent me a nice New Year's greeting by mail. Somehow I managed to erase it instead of opening it - at least it has disappeared. I am sorry, because I do not know who sent it, only that it referred to the blog.

Siri said...

Godt Nyttår Maria!
Ønsker deg masse godt i året som kommer, jeg har bestemt at det skal bli et godt år! :D

Di said...

I love Abba and I love your cat! Happy New Year to you to!!

Merri said...

Gorgeous snow photos!!!
- The Equestrian Vagabond