December 18, 2010

Someone has to take care of things?!

I do believe that any horse needs variation in  work, but youngsters in particular.

I have been hacking out with Fame ever since she was started under rider.
In the beginning  I walked part of the way, to save her back.
Sometimes we got to some scary stuff.
Most of the time, she crossed by herself after searching for crocodiles without finding any.
Once in a while I had to help her by getting off and walking over the scary stuff beside her.
"See? No crocodiles."
When safe over she got a pat and a snack.

Now I have a very reliable trail horse that handles everything from water to mud and moose.
So I relax when we are out.
Let my mind wander.

And Fame crosses whatever is in front of her nose.

Thing is, I don't pay attention.

So she has to remind me.
Whenever we have crossed something scary, she goes in slow-motion mode.
"Hey, you, upstairs - you've forgotten something!
And if I am still lost in my own little world, she stops.
"Uh, what?" I suddenly get aware that something is happening here.
Snack time.

Then we carry on.

Somebody has to take care of things.
Mind the traditions, like.

I have got some in one of the pockets, somewhere...

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juliette said...

I know this "snack bend" that Fame is performing effortlessly in the photo. Both my boys have mastered this too.

The way you describe teaching her to hack out is exactly how I did it with my two OTTBs. It worked and now we have carefree rides. Thank you for this post.

Anonymous said...

That's how PIe and I do it too - I ask if he can cope with a worrisome thing with me on board, and if not, then I get off and walk with him for a bit. It helps a lot that he leads really well, even when a bit worried.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Dusty and I do the same thing. I think she should wear a sign that says: "Will Work Only For Snacks"!

Di said...

That's the kind of horse I like. Sensible "I can do it mum, but I'll refer to you if it gets too scary"

Claire said...

i'm a great believer in getting off and leading as well; just so long as i can get back on again!

allhorsestuff said...

Beauty Fame! In Mind and body!

Treats work wonders for us too...and I will have to walk by the Llamas...I have turned around, being bareback and not knowing where to get on again!
We got some great trail horses don't we all!,

Once Upon an Equine said...

Fame is a smart girl. Smart to look to you for reassurance when things get scary. And smart to let you know when you've missed a snack point on the trail. She is an adorable and gorgeous horse.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your kind comments, all!

I most of all just have to laugh at my funny horse.
They really give us some extra entertainment, don't they?

Shanster said...

What a nice post... poor Fame. Really your mum has not forgotten!

Merri said...

Uh huh! I see you spoil your horses too! When Carol and I go out riding, and her horse Suz finishes closing a gate, and Carol has forgotten her treats, Suz walks up to me and starts nosing through my saddlebags!
- The Equestrian Vagabond