March 06, 2011


Life has been quite busy lately, so not much activity on the blog for a while.

I have been to Gothenburg Horse Show with my daughter.
We had a lovely trip, and I also had the possibility to meet two childhood friends. One of them I had not seen or had contact with for 40 years. A funny feeling, meeting now and I still see the little girl in the woman sitting opposite me.

I was not happy watching the dressage.
Too many short necks, unsettled mouths and trailing hindlegs.
How Adelinde Cornelissen could get 82% when her horse was working behind the vertical large parts of the program beats me.

The best part was actually Angelica Augustsson, the Swedish 23 yo girl who won the World Cup qualifier in jumping.
She was in tears at the prize ceremony, and I believe everyone who was there saw the birth of a new star in the jumping circuit. She was very close to win the Gothenburg Trophy (1.50 class) the previous day, finishing second, so it was not just a lucky ride.
The roof almost lifted off the building when she won.
It was very popular with a Swedish victory, as you can imagine!

At home we had some lovely weather today!
Lots of snow still, but wonderful sunshine.
In a way it is the best part of the year - we have the plum part of winter left, and all of spring and summer.
It is a bit like a Friday afternoon, when you get home from work and have the whole weekend in front of you, but on a larger scale!

What is really irritating is the moose.
My friend Anne  is back in Norway for a short visit, and we took the horses out for a ride on Wednesday evening.
It turned out to be more of a moose safari than a quite hack, and as the moose was standing on every path (and refusing to move, two even moving towards us) we planned to take.
Even on the path leading home.
We ended up going over the creek at a different site than we normally do, which included very high ice edges down to the water, a drop down and a jump up in the dark.
My brave girl took it without problems, with me hanging on, frantically grabbing the mane as I once again rode bareback.
My daughter's pony thought it all too scary, so we ended on separate sides...
I could not go back, because the drop on my side was too high and the bottom of the creek was made of large stones, which made it an uneven surface to land on.
So we had to split, meeting again at the proper bridge a bit further down.
I really want the snow to melt away now, so the moose can get lost somewhere up in the mountains again.

The blue colour of the sky is incredible!

Jimmi is here for the weekend, and we had dressage training yesterday, and jumping today and tomorrow.
Fame really loves to jump, and was very "enthusiastic" today. If you get my meaning.
Poor thing, we have to jump more often!
Our normal trainer has been away for a while as she has had a baby, and I am far too lazy to get the jumps out just for me.
Hopefully that will change as our trainer now is back in action from next week on.

Passing the creek on our way to the jumping - on the normal place this time!


Grey Horse Matters said...

The show you attended sounds wonderful except for the dressage classes. It's amazing with all the knowledge about behind the vertical riders are still getting high marks.

Those moose sound a bit scary but mostly annoying. Glad there was no incidents with them.

RuckusButt said...

Good to hear from you!

I just don't get it - I absolutely HATE it when Brumby tucks behind the vertical (something he was taught a long time ago and uses as an evasion). It feels awful to me and I can't imagine this being desirable to riders or judges. I suppose it's easy to criticize since I will never ride dressage at that level.

Aside from the troublesome moose, you sure do have amazing places to ride!

allhorsestuff said...

Good to see that absolutley fantastic header of you and Fame bareback!! I almost was so satisfied, I didn't want to read anything else. perfect.

Neat to meet up with the childhood friends, with you being able to detect that glimpse still too~

It is always such a disappointment when a thing of beauty, that can be respectful and flowing between horse and skilled rider, is corrupted, on display. So sad you had to view it and also that it was rewarded.
Angelica-WOW-it wipes away the tarnish from the other!

Well, I too am hoping the melt begins and chases the MOOSIES away..kinda freaky!
Loved the cool,rich blues of your beautiful world!

mugwump said...

Your countryside is so beautiful, it makes my heart ache.
Jumping in and out of an icy creek in the dark? It makes my butt ache!

The Odyssey Farm said...

Lovely photos. Kudos to you for tacking an icy bank, bareback, in the dark!

I've enjoyed watching the WC jumping classes - found them on our satellite dish. How wonderful that a young rider won against that competition! I look forward to seeing it. Sadly, it's more satisfying these days watching that, where mistakes land with a thud in the sand, than puzzling about high scores in the dressage court.

Once Upon an Equine said...

That looks like a fabulous show. I admire all the winter riding you do, and bareback too!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

RB - I normally refrain from chritizing too.
Like you I feel it is not fair since I do not ride at that level myself.
I am worried though.
The trend was there, and I do not like it one bit.

Shanster said...

Welcome home! Sorry the moose were in force for your ride... that does sound uncomfortable! What a lovely girl Flame is!

horse racing programs said...

Do not worry about being too busy to blog, I like your posts and I still have to read some of posts, I like the pictures of your horses, thanks for the update it seems it was fun!