April 18, 2011

It's not only me...

....who loves spring!

Still some snow left in shady places

These last days Fame has been bursting with energy.
I took her out on a bareback hack on Saturday. Not such a good idea.
Starting out, everything was spooky. 

Favourite spooky place #1,
no matter how many times we have passed here...

We zigzagged our way between this and that, didn’t really matter whether it was a stone, some remaining snow heaps or what-not.
I gave up to get any reason in it and concentrated on my balance training...

Favourite spooky place #2, slightly less bad than #1

So I decided we needed to get rid of some surplus energy, and put her to work.
We kept a fresh tempo of trot and canter, steadily climbing upwards on the gravel roads.

We got to a long straight part, still with a steady climb.
I thought she was sufficiently tired and let her go some.
Oops. Bad idea.
She grabbed the opportunity and took off, throwing in some happy bucks too.
Speed was high and the gravel road looked hard.

With a sidepull and riding bareback, this was not a good idea…
I growled NO, tried to get her head up, kicked her forward and managed to hang on.

Walking back, it is allowed to eat some.
After searching for grass in vain, the only option left was pine needles...

...yum, yum. Maybe?

Sunday, we started at a training show jumping arrangement.
Having had a serious workout the day before, I thought perhaps that she would be a bit more sensible.  (At least I had a saddle and a bridle on, haha.)

Have to cross the creek first, belly high today

Time to canter now?

It was about half an hour’s ride to the arena, and I could feel I had the same energy bomb as the day before.
Starting the warm-up, she was spooking at everything. After some work she was concentrating a bit more, but still a lot of energy.
When our time came to ride the course, she enthusiastically threw herself at everything in our way.  In turbo speed.  

As it was a training arrangement, we could take the course once again.
Did not improve much.

Fame was enjoying herself though.
I was somewhere in between laughing and pulling my hair.
Then we rode home, zigzagging again.
I will take her on a 4-5 hrs trail ride during Easter.
Maybe I manage to get her tired?

King of Hunt LOVES spring

On the watch

Up all night takes its toll
Hunting season has started, and the going is good.
We get new presents on our doorstep every day...


Judi said...

Glad it's not just my horses! Something happens to them in the spring...

Your cat is gorgeous.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I love the pictures of Fame eating and just being cute in general. She does seem to like spring and is taking advantage of her pent up energy. Glad you stayed on when you were bareback you must be a great rider with good balance. I'll bet the show was fun and we always say we want a forward going horse right!

Annette said...

Good job staying on through all the bareback antics. It sounds like Fame stayed very fit over the winter!

RuckusButt said...

Oh beautiful Fame! You two look good over fences, you know! A 4-5 hr ride should take the edge off a bit, one would hope!

I love spring too! Brumby has been a little strong lately too. Hopefully he will settle down soon too!

Wolfie said...

Galloping, bucking, bareback - yikes! I have to say though, I hope that some day I can ride bareback....at a walk would be fine for me! :-) That King of Hunt is gorgeous!

juliette said...

You sure are brave - bareback and sidepull and bucking and moving fast on hard road! Good for you.

As always, your scenery, roads, trees are so pretty. I wouldn't want the snow, but everything else is lovely.

4-5 hours?! Poor Fame - hope she is ready after a long winter.

Shanster said...

Love your Fame pix and stories... glad she is having so much fun and you get to work on your balance. grin. Mmmmmm - presents!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

Yes, she is very much fit after the winter, and I am happy for that - in particular after that colic.
Even if it sometimes feels like a bit too much!
Still, we all enjoy the spring after a long and cold winter. It's been some lovely days lately, with summer temperatures.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Sofa kitty looks like a mighty lioness.

You are a brave rider, and a very skilled one, to ride bareback through the spring wiggles.

Merri said...

I can't believe you do all that bareback!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

mugwump said...

Be careful. those long trail rides just get them in shape....

allhorsestuff said...

Wonderful times!
Ya know...you never have put it out there that Fame is sometimes THAT ENERGETIC! She's mostly angelic. Thanks for letting me know your camp looks the same as mine!

Too fu n ny about the sites of scarey activity. Mine has certain cougar looking stumps...that we go by( & spook) every time we ride!
Loved ~ loved her flying over the jump! You look excellent! That is, what I pray, my mare will love to do....when I finally get my new saddle, in a month. The Ansur saddles have exploded in popularity this spring...with not enough saddle makers. So bareback pad it is for my first camping trip...no fear...I'm into it now!

More photos please...and video-you jumping!

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