April 06, 2011


Today we had lovely spring weather, +15 C/59F, and sun when I came home from work.
Fame had been worked by Pernille, who rides her twice a week - but I took her out for a spring cleaning.
She is shedding like anything, and I had a long overdue trimming appointment with her mane.

I attacked the jungle, but had to get the help of a knife on the mane.
We were both too impatient, lol!
So, here she is, with a new spring hair cut.
The angle of the photo is a bit awkward, but I guess you can see and admire this marvellous hair do. We are only lacking some pink bows.

Our riding arenas are now not longer having a snow surface, but  has changed to a nice mud layer.
I hope for more sunny spring days with high temperatures, so they dry up quickly!
In the meantime, I am very grateful to have access to indoor riding arenas.

We had a very nice traning weekend with Jimmi, our Danish trainer.
The flying changes are coming along nicely, and he asked us to make two on the diagonal.
We had never tried that before and of course I completely tensed up, making a mess of it all.
So that's our homework until next time.
He also said it is time to start to make Fame accustomed to a double bridle.
Very exciting!

A fortnight ago you could barely see the roofs of the trailers.
We are getting there!

Here is my summer vacation 2010. Plus.
Beautiful, don't you think?
I am ridiculously proud as this is my first very own trailer.
So now it is easier to get to trainings and shows.


Di said...

I love spring! It's arrived here with a vengeance. Fame has a beautiful coat, he looks like he's come through the winter very well!

Shanster said...

She is of course BEEE-YOOOOO-TI-FUL with her new hair... congrats on the trailer. It sure makes a difference doesn't it? FREEDOM!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Fame is looking gorgeous and I'm sure she knows it. What a shiny healthy coat she has.

Flying changes on the diagonal,it should be fun mastering this exercise.

Love your new trailer, now you've got all sorts of possibilities coming with the warmer weather. Believe it or not your temperatures are warmer than ours. But we've still got the mud goop in the arenas and some paddocks. Hope it dries up soon.

mugwump said...

I would be proud too, it's a beautiful trailer!

juliette said...

Congratulations on your new trailer and warm temperatures! That photo of the trailers with the snow thawing is hilarious! You guys really are tough to last through all that snow!

Happy spring! Fame is sooooo gorgeous. I can just imagine her doing her flying changes on the diagonal. Wow. Good luck!

The Odyssey Farm said...

So glad to see Fame looking healthy and happy. Congrats on your trailer and the step up to the double!

Wiola said...

She put so much more condition on - She looks fab!! Lovely trailer and must feel wonderful to have one :)