June 03, 2011


As some may have noticed there has not been much activity here lately.
Summer came...
And after a looong winter (as I am sure you can understand) staying outside has been much more tempting than sitting in front of the computer!

Today we had +28C/82F, and what could one do after a day at work?
Go bathing with the horses of course!

My daughter even took on a swim suit.
I kept my riding breeches on, but rode without shoes. No sense in keeping them on, as they get soaking wet anyway!

Fame did not see the point in standing still at all.

All the plants have been growing like crazy lately.
Unfortunately, also the nettles....they are reaching toe height!



I have some pictures to share from the last month, so here they are.
We start end of April:

The first flowers has come.

I just love that intense, blue colour.

The melting snow feeds all the waterways.

Beginning of May:

I had a lovely ride with my daughter.

Riding in a carpet of spring flowers:

Mid May:

Above: a grey day, but I just love those cloud formations over the mountains.

Above: Ferns starting to come up. Looks like an alien invasion!

Fame is contemplating the fields turning green. Pasture time soon?


We also once again had a visit from Wiola and Kari from Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy.
Another super training weekend - thanks guys!
My daughter has a friend visiting, and they are making Texmex for tonight, so I had some minutes over.
Can't sit here. I think I will chill with a beer in the sun.


Di said...

Lovely pics as usual! Lucky you, it's such a long time since I went swimming with my horse.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love all your pictures. Such a beautiful place. It's so nice to have warm weather again here too. Enjoy your beer!

Laura Crum said...

So happy to hear you are having fun. I kept checking your blog and wondering how you and Fame were doing--though I did see on another blog that you were hosting a clinic so knew you were OK. It is raining here again--when its "supposed" to be sunny--we have had a very cold, wet spring. I wish I were in sunny Norway with you right now. Having a beer on the porch (!)

mugwump said...

I almost sigh with relief seeing the beautiful green in your landscape again. You shared your cold winter so well.
We have terrible drought over here. Everything is dust. I loved seeing the water.

Shanster said...

So glad you've been out and about and enjoying the OUTDOORS! It looks fabulous!

Merri said...

From beautiful white to beautiful green - just lovely!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

allhorsestuff said...

I chuckled when Fame took it upon herself, to censor the photo of your daughter, in her bathing suit! Hope your towers did not get stung...we use the singing nettle here, for allergy relief...they work fantastically. Capsule form, of course!

I'm late here because of your same reasons...spring-ish summer here, after a"lockdown"due to horse virus scare. So staying indoors, to post, not happening!

Love that misty mountain range view as well as all of you forrest paths. You are blessed with (as I) some fantastically wonderful riding opportunities. I rode with my sis yesterday, thought of you and your daughter...special times that make the heart sing!

Have a cold one, cheers to more times as these!

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