September 25, 2009

Late update, and Friday's entertainment

Last Sunday we arranged a dressage show at the stable.

Saturday was needed to arrange all things for the show, print startlists, protocols, purchase what was necessary etc. (in addition to taking a fab trail ride with Fame, lol)

I have got some help with Fame lately.
Anna, who is 15 and earlier shared my daughter’s pony, is going to share Fame with me and ride her twice a week.
I thought she could start Fame in the class where the club championship was to be hold (LB) and I could start her in LA, same as last but this time with a saddle. Nice.

Just outside our "office" we got a new friend.
It was such a cute mouse youngster (are the spieces called shrews in English?)

He was not afraid at all, and kept wandering around us in the grass.
He finally decided that Elisabeth's leg was a nice place to be, so he started there.
Kept climbing though, so in the end he ended up under her sweater.
Elisabeth kept giggling, but was quite pleased.
I was a bit sad, because I thought to myself that he wouldn't last long, being so unafraid with the cats around.

And two days later, we had a present in front of our entrance door...
I know the cats are just doing their job, but sometimes I wish they could let be.

We have had a lovely Indian Summer lately, sun and warm weather (but cold at night) so we needed to irrigate the arenas on Saturday.
Shouldn’t have done that.
Of course it started to rain Sunday.
We had quite a lot of participants, first was 9 am and last was 3.30 pm, so it was a long day.

As we are a small club everyone has to help out and do their share of work.
Half of the day I wrote for the judge.
I find that very interesting.
I can compare what I see myself to what the judge is commenting and how it is marked.
As I often write at our shows, I also have the possibility to compare how the different judges are evaluating the rides. There are differences.

There were some huffpuff this time about the judge being strict.
Maybe she was, but that is how the sport is.
She was very strict about the correct execution of the exercises, and also that the horses should not be behind the vertical.
I appreciated that she was strict about the latter; I am frustrated to see that riders get remarks about the horse being too open in form when horses going behind the vertical is not commented, which is a more serious fault.

We had a lovely day in the rain.
My daughter won her class, and was Club Champion Pony.

Anna won her class, and was Club Champion Horse.

And the Geriatric rider remembered the program this time, and won her class too!

If the weather’s fine I will take an early ride on Fame and then watch the SJ show that is arranged at one of the other stables in the valley.
Sunday they arrange a dressage show, so guess where I will be?
And hooray, as it is the same program, I might remember it too!

Jimmi, the Danish trainer, is coming from Wednesday to Sunday next week.
Which will make me broke, but happy.

I wish you all a very nice weekend!

And at last, Friday’s entertainment.
You guys over there think you know what country music is.

Check this.


Kate said...

Congratulations to all three of you (and both horses)!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Congratulations to all the winners... and so many of them. Sounds like a clean sweep.

RuckusButt said...

That video was hilarious.

Now, you guys are amazing! Good work, all of you. Fame has really come along nicely to perform so well for someone else, in addition to you.

RuckusButt said...

Oh, I wanted to ask...what does LB and LA stand for?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations to all of you and of course the horses. The show sounds like it was fun and I'm glad the judge was strict about the behind the vertical rule too. Poor little mouse, he looked so comfy in the sweatpants, too bad the cats had different ideas on what his future should be.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Big congrats to you and the Champs. Great job at the show!

I've been thinking about getting barn cats, but don't think I will. I leave the mousing to my husband.

Great band! Especially like that the tractor has its own mic. It never missed a beat.

Anonymous said...

i loved it. Bet yer ass, it's bluegrass! Finer than any I hear in Alberta.

Congrats on the show all around.

Irene said...

Först kommentar på musiken: roligt! Både jag o Tommy fick oss verkligen ett gott skratt, härligt!
Läser resten senare!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks all!

RB, I am sorry, but I do not know what the equivalent classes are called over there.
LB: contains leg-yield in walk, 10 m circles in trot, 15 m in canter, extended walk and medium trot and canter, rein-back.
LA: contains leg-yield in trot, canter-walk-canter transitions, counter canter and walk pirouettes, extended walk and medium/extended trot and canter, rein-back.
What do you call those classes?

Once Upon, they actually have a comment in the beginning about the tractor, saying the beat is a bit uneven before it gets warm, lol!

Claire said...

well done....

and decided not to hijack this either! about backs and treeless saddles....but will put something on mine...

Irene said...

Stort GRATTIS till alla era placeringar! Vilken lyckad dag för er alla! Glöm inte att suga på den karamellen:) Jättebra av er alla.

Vilken söt mus...