September 27, 2009

Wrong delivery

After all the work throughout the week I took Fame for a relaxing trail ride on Saturday, in nice weather.
We had a good time.
This time we took some smaller paths through the forest.

On Sunday it was our next show.
And on Sunday I regretted the calm ride we had had the day before.
I should have taken her on some tough canter interval training instead.

Had ordered: A relaxed, co-operative, nice dressage horse.

Got: A fearful antelope with too much energy. The type that always has to be on watch, and teleports three metres to the side. Knows how to run, but has difficulties to bend.


Adding spice to the stew they had mounted a tape band (you know the type that the police uses on TV at crime scenes) as a separation between the warm up and the show arena.
The wind came in strong gusts and suddenly that tape (three rows of them) came alive and attacked.
Yes it did.
An antelope must always look out, and stay alive.

The antelope's rider, however, was close to a heart attack.

My daughter on the other hand (we started in the same class), kept cheering me up in the warm up pen with comments like "Charlie feels SO fine today" and "He is quite nice on BOTH reins"

And the black cloud over my head kept growing.
Helloooo? Anyone wants an antelope today? They are on sale? No?
A daughter perhaps?

Needless to say, our performance at the show was not one to be remembered.

My daughter?
She did her best ride ever in that class (LA) I believe, a very nice program with a relaxed, but attentive horse.
And won the class!
I was a happy and proud Mum, and rode my antelope home.


Claire said...

we all know that police tape is very scary so can't blame fame for being on guard for it. and well done to daughter!

Kate said...

At least you and the antelope stayed attached! Congratulations to your daughter for her fine performance.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations to your daughter on how well she and her pony did. As for Fame aka the Antelope, well, that tape is scary. Glad to hear you stayed with her for the day.

Once Upon an Equine said...

What a beautiful trail. Sometimes I think horses have multiple personality disorder. Sorry that Fame's antelope self surfaced on the day of your show. That tape coming loose was no help. Congrats to your daughter and her pony.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The two horses were like night and day. I noticed today that I could carry large pieces of cardboard and large garbage bags around, and the horses lined up to watch. However, if someone did that while I am on the horses' backs, all of the sudden those items would be the scariest thing on earth. I think if scary things are attached to people the horses know and trust, they aren't so scary. But when the horse knows you are on its back and not holding the scary thing, they have to jump away from it or run for their lives.

trudi said...

LOL, I've been there and it's soooo frustrating. Well done to your daughter and to you (saving time and sending congrats for the show on your last post) for such a great performance at the previous show, the ups and downs of horses eh?

Irene said...

Grattis till dottern! Duktigt av henne. Hon kanske kan lära sin mor hur man gör? Skämt åsido, när de är rädda o bestämt sig för att verkligen va rädda är det "ingen hemma" o det spelar ingen roll hur man än försöker... Blåser det sen lite också blir det cirkus... Bättre lycka nästa gång, hon kan ju om hon vill!

Underbar ridväg!

Cabruze said...

Ha ha re the antelope! Congratulations to your daughter anyway! You must be very proud.
I'm jealous of your wonderful hacking pictures! Please make me less jealous by admitting that you get all sorts of horrid bugs in those beautiful woods!!

mugwump said...

I have always suspected a plot among horses when that happens.
"Look how calm I am, we can just walk, really, I'll be just like this at the show, trust me!"
Then they turn into wild mustangs at the show.
I also believe they all laugh and laugh latet that night in the barn.
Now I know it's an international plot.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

OnceUpon - the tape did not even come loose, it just fluttered. With a lot of sound and movement, but still.

Mugs, I am sure they do!
We get home and I can hear Fame say: Listen guys, I pulled this reeally fun stunt today....

So NEXT time, I will exercise my antelope properly the day before, and see what happens!