May 01, 2010


Coming down to Hannover, Germany I was met with sun and summer temperatures.
We had some lovely flowers right outside the hotel.

As we were sitting indoors working long days, I started the mornings with a walk in the small park just outside the hotel.
There was a flock of rabbits living there, and they were all out having their breakfast when I was having my morning walk. 
I just love watching those white tails bobbing away when they were keeping a safe distance to me.
There were some very cute youngsters among them too.

One of the evenings I met my friend Anne, who is living in Hannover.
We had a dinner outside in the lovely warm evning, and talked mostly horse - I had a very good time!
In Germany it is Spargelzeit now, aspargus season, something that I took advantage of:

Thursday evening all participants in the project team were transported by bus to a small village outside Hannover.
We were invited into an old restaurant ( building dated 1606) to a medival dinner.

After a short intro from our host, the first meal was served:

The potatoes were just poured out on the middle of the table from some large baskets carried around, lol!
Kind of a rustic way to serve...but as you see all was in the same setting; we had a wooden plate, a knife and a wood spoon.
So it was just to dig in.
Potatoes were served with sour cream and bacon in bowls to be shared with people around you.

We had some very nice meat further on, and our large beer mugs were never empty.
Some of the guys volunteered to get some extra liquor, also served in a rather rustic way:

The atmosphere was rather high after a while, and as there were many nationalities we ended up singing songs from every country.
The buss took the still singing, rowdy crowd home at about 11.30 pm.
Needless to say some were a wee bit tired the day after.
(I was VERY happy I stayed with the beer).

Rounding off this week I was in for a pleasant suprise.
We are to split into two groups after the initial weeks.
One group is to work in Hannover, and the other (where I belong) is to work in......

I was sooo disappointed!


Irene said...

Det är underbart att komma ut o se lite annat än hästar ibland. Härliga bilder. Förstår att ni hade kul!

trudi said...

oo la la, gay Paris you lucky girl...only 3 hours by train from us ;-) sounds like a great project you're working on.

The Odyssey Farm said...

Quelle merveille! I am pining to visit France, the 2014 WEG is on my calendar! I look forward to many posts about that exquisite country. Happy travels, and I hope your new duties inspire and challenge you.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a great time even if you were there for work. I'd love to go to Germany sometime as one set of my grandparents were from there. Have fun in Paris.

Claire said...

hope you have time to sample it's delights....

RuckusButt said...

What an interesting restaurant, talk about keeping it simple! It sounds like you are enjoying your travels which is great since it can be hard to be traveling so much. Looking forward to photos of Paris ;)

Anne i Hannover said...

And thank you for dinner last week!
It was great to catch up:)

Of course, I'm disappointed that you won't spend more time in Hannover, but I do agree that Paris is a tad bit more interesting than Hannover;)

Once Upon an Equine said...

Wow, what a great business trip. Good food, good sights, fun. Are you getting any work done? :-)

Enjoy Paris.

phaedra96 said...

When I was in Germany; I tasted a dish called Spargelsalat--it is the ONLY asparagus I have found edible!!! Of course, there is nothing like it here in the States. I guess I will just have to go back to Germany....

mugwump said...

If you had any idea of the emotional connection I have to potatoes. The bacon and sour cream sounds pretty good too. Give me my spoon and get out of my way!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

I have done the first trip to Paris, but I have only seen the airport, a boring hotell and a meeting room - so nothing exciting so far...

sanjeet said...

sounds like a great project you're working on.
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