May 22, 2010


The city of all cities.
And my place to work for most of the week until mid of July.

I have found the most wonderful place to stay.
Our office in Paris is located northwest of the city center, in Nanterre. (Some 15 minutes with the metro.)
Last week I stayed in a hotel in Nanterre which was not the most charming experience.
Heavy traffic outside the window, and a vintage wall-to-wall carpet.

As a result my collegue Louise from UK and myself surfed the net and found this wonderful little place.
Les jardines de Camille.
It is situated between Paris and Nanterre, in Suresnes.

It is a lovely restaurant and a chambres d'hôtes, i.e the propriator has some rooms for rent.
So Louise and me got fresh, newly decorated rooms (without a wall to wall carpet) with exit to a small terrace.
And the best, the view:

You can see the Eiffel Tower much clearer in reality, my cellphone does not make justice to the view.

Here you can see La Défense, Paris new business area.
And the food.....*sigh*

Duck carpaccio.

View from the window.

And eating the breakfast in the morning sun; coffee and fresh baked croissants, and the Eiffel Tower just ahead of me.
(Might even be worth being away from home for a while?)

On Thursday we went downtown Paris for a dinner,everyone in the project.
The trees were full of lovely blue flowers. Amazing.
We went to Graindorge, a small Belgian restaurant not far from the Arc de Triomphe.
Again, wonderful food. 
And I brought something home:

I thought it would be hectic to take on this project, and it has been, perhaps even more than I thought.
It is very interesting though.

Well at home, we arranged a dressage show today.
I had to work at the arrangement, so no start for me.
But Anna, who is a year older than my daughter and rides Fame twice a week started Fame and won her class.
So did my daughter and Charlie.
So I was both a proud Mum and a proud horse owner today!

Anna and Fame


Di said...

Beautiful pics, love the on of the Arc de Triomph! What a beautiful horse Fame is, they look fabulous.

Claire said...

perfect place to stay!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you, and thanks for the lovely description of your situation in Paris.

Cheers for Fame and Charlie!


Anonymous said...

Fame and rider look excellent!

I love Paris - one of my favorite cities - and what a charming place to stay.

Merri said...

i went to Paris long ago to see the Arc de Triomphe horse race at Longchamp. it was awesome!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

The Odyssey Farm said...

What a perfectly lovely place to stay! and congratulations to the ponies.

Irene said...

Underbara vyer från Paris! Det lilla hotellet verkade väldigt mysigt.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Paris looks wonderful and I'm so glad you found a lovely place to stay. Seems the food is fabulous too. Are you sure you're really working hard there?

Great picture of Fame and rider and congratulations to your daughter and Charlie.

Shanster said...

HOORAY Anna and Fame!

Sorry you have to be away from home... hopefully the food and the view will help? :) Cheers!

trudi said...

Well done Fame and her rider!
Paris looks good, lucky you, it seems a great project to work on; you are WORKING I think??? Very nice work if you can get it :-)

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

Yes, I am very much WORKING, so my blog life suffers at the moment.
Not to speak of my riding *sobs*

Cheering myself up with some nice wine and food does help though!