May 15, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things...


To bury my head in the fur of a sleeping cat.
Feel the amazing softness, and the clean, warm fragance of cat.
Hear the purr.

To hack out with my daughter.
Share a laugh, often about our funny horses.
Canter alongside each other, and feel the togetherness both of us, and our horses.
Enjoy the nature, and the beauty in small and large things.

My horse.
Her eyes.
Her soft nicker.

To sit on the entrance stairs with a cup of coffee, enjoying the last rays of sun and the fresh air after spending the day in the office.
Small things.
Important things.

How about you?


Di said...

I agree with you on the first one.
A nice relaxing hack through the french countryside, spending time with my friends chatting over a nice lunch, playing with the horses,sitting on the terrace looking out over the garden to the fields beyond where the horses are grazing.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Most of my favorite things include horses. Leaning over the paddock fence watching the daily soap operas taking place between the horses, hacking out with my daughter and simply interacting with the herd. What is better than that.

Of course when I'm not with the horses playing with my grandchildren can't compare with anything else. Also I love the gardens and the smells from my lilacs and roses.

It certainly would be an idyllic life if I sometimes didn't have to be a responsible adult and do all the mundane things like weeding, grocery shopping, house cleaning etc...

Casey said...

My favourite thing is getting off a horse after a training session, and you just know that you improved it significantly because he feels like a different horse to when he started off. So rewarding! And also sitting down in the common room after a hard day's work and just chilling out with your friends.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments!

Di - friends and a nice lunch should have been included, I agree.

Oh, GHM, I hate the responsible adult stuff. Life would be so much better without it!

Casey - of course! That's one of the best, how could I forget???

Merri said...

yes yes! my horse, horses, riding with friends, and a good cup of coffee at the end of the day! (and the beginning, and the middle... : )
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Irene said...

Låter underbart alltihop!! Håller fullständigt med dig!

Shanster said...

Those are wonderful favorite things! happy sigh...

horses, cats, dogs, goats, making our little place into happy home...

allhorsestuff said...

Oh your wonderful things are mine too!
Some others for me are~
>Sitting with my beloved in the garden with a fire and coffee
>cantering along side a riding friend when the horses finally calm down and realize-it is NO race!
>Smelling my roses
>the smell of fresh rain..and riding in warm rains!

Laura Crum said...

Family, horses, garden, other critters--that's my list, too. I also love sitting on the porch in the sun's last rays, only in my case its more often with a margarita in hand. I just did a post on horses in the garden over on EI. I'm so tickled to see that lots of others share these two passions.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!
Seems as if we share some joys in life?

sanjeet said...

I love the gardens and the smells from my lilacs and roses.
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