August 23, 2009

Fame's tale

I am Fame.
Today, it is my turn to tell.

I've been on summer camp for a long time.
It has been great!
Lots of green grass to eat whenever we wanted.
I was very popular because I was the only girl.

But the other day, My Twolegs came to take me home.
It was starting to get boring at summer camp, but I miss the green grass.
Yesterday I went out into the forest with My Twolegs.
I like that.

There are lots of things to see.
My Twolegs thought that I could choose what to do, but I did not know that.
It smelled fresh, sweet green everywhere and I just had to get some along the way even if I know I'm not supposed to.
It is not easy to pass something so delicious when it is right under my nose.

We took the path along the wide stretch, and when we came to the Muddy Part I slowed down so My Twolegs should now that I really did not want to get my feet all muddy. It is rather deep and the legs kind of get stuck and it is not a pleasant feeling.
But she spoke with that voice that means I am a Brave Girl and can do it, and I had just forgotten myself a little you know. I am very brave and I can do a lot of stuff, so I marched through that mud.
And afterwards I hesitated a little bit so I could remind her of that Good Girl snack if she had forgotten.

Then we came to The Wet.
I was surprised because there was much more Wet than it usually is.
It was running so fast that I got dizzy.
I just had to stop and watch it.
My Twolegs wanted me to cross. I hesitated a bit because I was really dizzy looking at the Wet.
I felt as if it would unbalance me.
But as I am a Brave Girl I marched out. It was not very deep but it tugged at my feet, lifting them to the side when I moved them. It felt strange, and when I looked at the water, it felt as if I was flowing together with it sideways.
When we came to the other side, the path was also in water.

When the water was gone, My Twolegs asked me to run a bit.
But I discovered Something Unusual a bit further on.
I did not know what it was, and I have to watch out for both of us when we are out.
(My Twolegs is not very good at watching out. Sometimes I believe she is close to deaf.)
Something was hanging from a bush at one side of the path. I could not run until I had checked out what it was.
It might be attacking.

When we came closer I saw that it was those things that Twolegs use on their hands to keep them warm.
Alarm off, I started trotting.
It felt good.
I like to move my body.
I increased the speed a bit.
My Twolegs let me, so I kept trotting until we came to the end of the path.

We passed the large road, and when we had done that, I wanted to run again. So I just took a few steps to check out, and My Twolegs said go ahead.
First I trotted.
Then I took looong strides, and my coat shone in the sunlight and my mane flowed in the wind and I started to canter up the slope, because my legs wanted to. I Felt Good.
When I came to the top I stopped to look out over the surroundings.

One always has to be On Watch.
The coast was clear.

When the road turned into two, I felt that My Twolegs wanted to go to the right.
But I wanted to go straight on.
That path went over the meadow and it looked very inviting. Just look!
So I hesistated a bit, you know - just to show her.
We took my way instead. I liked that.
It was very inviting to run again, so I asked if I could and My Twolegs let me.
I wanted to run in the high grass at the side of the path, but I wasn't allowed to. On the path there were some stones, and it would have been much better in the high grass. Sometimes the Twolegs just don't get it!
I did not forget to be On Watch though, and suddenly I heard a Strange Sound, so I had to stop.
Right away.

I stretched my neck as far as I could and snorted, so My Twolegs also would get the message.
Danger Ahead.
(I have to be very clear, otherwise they don't understand, poor things. )
It was a high, noisy sound, so I decided it was time to turn around and go home.
No need to investigate.
But My Twolegs did not let me. (And I thought I was the one to decide today?)
Did she not understand that it might be HorseLegEaters in front of us?
As she insisted I continued forward I went, but I was On Guard.
I kept my head high and was on alert to run away quickly if necessary.
We went through a small wood and up a hill, and the Noise was getting higher and higher.
When we reached the top we saw a couple of Twolegs working with something Super Noisy on some trees a bit off the path, but we just passed.
I am Very Brave.

After we had passed some houses where I always have to walk, I wanted to run again.
Doesn't it look inviting? Wouldn't you like to run too?

I started off politely in a nice trot, but my body really felt fine, and the stretch in front of us called on me.
I increased my trot.
I cantered.
The hill stretched up in front of us, and I just had to Go Fast, just as fast as those Race Horses. To entertain My Twolegs I also jumped a bit sideways from time to time, pretending to be scared of some stones and other stuff.
We had great fun.

When we came to the top, we slowed down and stopped.
I had run for a long time and I was warm, but not very tired. But I appreciated a stop to eat some and cool down.
The sweet grass tastes very good after running.

I kept being On Watch though.

Then we started to walk down.
My Twolegs walked beside me, and we had many stops to eat on the way down.
She ate the red stuff and tried to give me too.
Stupid really, as I had grass which tastes much better.

When we came home, I got a shower.
I get very warm when running, so I like very much to be cool again.
On our way out we passed the Race Horses.
But I had run as fast as them today.

Some water, and then a roll.
I get all itchy after the shower.
It was a nice trip.

My Twolegs had to clean out for me.
I am very particular with my home.
I place all my doings in the corner.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well Fame, it's a good thing that Twolegs has you to look after her. I'm glad you had fun today and you deserved all your sweet grass and cool shower.

Anne i Hannover said...

Straight from the horse's mouth! Great:-D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about your ride! I enjoyed your descriptions - and you're right - the twolegs sort are somewhat slow on the uptake and need a lot of taking care of!


Stephanie said...

I love the tale from Fames perspective! What a nice ride you had!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh, I just loved the jaunt your "Twolegs" (teehehe!) took you out on Fame!
What a lovely thing to be out in the pasture long enough to enjoy all the grasses...and to be the only mare!I have to say,
This wet and wooded- into- open- meadow ride, was awesome. Good for you too...pausing enough to let your "twolegs" know of the meadow beauty!
Good job also on keeping it all safe for your lovely "twelegs"!
KK w/Wa mare~
I would LOVE to race like the racehorses with you... Though I never formally did is in my blood.

trudi said...

cool post Fame!!

Irene said...

Så fina bilder!!!!!!!!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all!

My Twolegs wanted to check how fit I was after the summer.
She was quite sure that I was very fit after this ride.
My Race Horse performance in the end did the trick, teehee.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Fame, you are a gorgeous gal. And so fast and full of energy. Good of you to look out for your Twolegs safety. You have nice places to run and get your feet wet. You are indeed a brave girl. Mares rule!