August 22, 2009

Musical entertainment

Thanks to Trudi on Lionheart horses, I can't get this melody out of my system.
She posted about it being going on repeat in her brain - now we are two, Trudi!
I just love it, and I have to share.
So here it is, Charlie Winston: Like a Hobo
He is English, but from what Trudi wrote he is popular in France. I have never heard of him before.

I have been to a two days clinic with Cristoph Hess Thursday and Friday.
Very, very good - will write a post about it.
Have a nice weekend all!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I like it! To me his voice sounds a little like Clapton (one of my all time favorites).

trudi said...

hehe, I told you it was catching!!
Sorry not to have caught up in the last few days, back on my OWN 'puter now and catching up fast. Sounds like a great lesson you had and I'm really looking forward to your Hess write up.

HorseOfCourse said...

GHM - yes, I agree with you. There is something Claptonian in there. (Love his music by the way)

Trudi - it is not only on my mind, but on my daughter's too, lol! (might be as a result of it playing non-stop, hehum.) The video goes well with the music too, I believe.

Once Upon an Equine said...

I like it too. Interesting video and I liked the guy dancing with the hat. Now I'm going to have "Like a hobo from a broken home" rattling around in my head.

trudi said...

Go listen to the album, it is FAB honestly and more diverse than Hobo may lead you to believe.

HorseOfCourse said...

Trudi, I have already bought it! :D