August 15, 2009

Fat burning sessions

The Danish trainer Jimmi has been here again, and I had training for him both Friday evening and Saturday morning.
I had my first training for him in February, and have had two more since.
I like to train for Jimmi. He comes here in average once a month, the training is a bit expensive though good.
He is knowledgeable and has a positive approach, and I feel that he focuses on the important things.
We had a shared lesson with another rider on Friday, and had one all by ourselves this morning.

After being on summer vacation, it is both fun and also a bit tough to get going again.
Fame feels like she is in good shape, even if she has had vacation.
I am trying to get there.

We worked mainly on basics; on Fames form and hind leg activity, using transitions within gaits and between gaits, leg yields and shoulder in.
Due to the cut on Fame's back, I had to ride bareback.
I felt we still got some nice work out of it, and Fame felt good.

She actually was considerate and took care of her rider; they let the race horses out in the paddock at the side of the arena, and they instantly started to race.
And buck. And snort.
And do most of the things horses do to entertain themselves.
But Fame concentrated on the work, good girl. A bit tense, but no extra entertainment.
Maybe she is growing up?
On the other hand, we still have ghosts in the judge hut at the short side of the arena...

She enjoyed her shower.
I enjoyed mine too!


RuckusButt said...

Good for you, training like that while bareback! I bet the trainer doesn't see that very often.

HorseOfCourse said...

Well, he was a bit surprised when he met us on Friday, lol!
But he is a very sympathetic down-to-earth person, so everything worked out just fine. I felt Friday's session starting out on Saturday though, hehum.
Not complaining, mind!
It is not a bad feeling being tired in the body.

Irene said...

Tänk att man kan tycka det är så roligt att träna! Man tröttnar aldrig på att försöka bli en aning bättre o bättre. Inget kan få en på bättre humör...

Kate said...

You both look great in the photos - good for you for doing the lessons bareback!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks Irene and Kate!
Yes, I agree with you Irene, training is such fun!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Lookin' good Horse of Course. I haven't ridden bareback since I was a kid, except for a little bit of walking on Marley. Other than working your muscles in a new way, did you find that training bareback helped you in ways that might not with a saddle? Does it help you as a dressage rider? Does Fame respond differently when you are bareback?

HorseOfCourse said...

Good questions, Once Upon.
I had to think a bit before being able to answer.

Before taking Fame on, I rode quite a lot bareback on my old gelding during his retirement years.
As it was not as tempting to ride an unruly youngster bareback, I have waited until this spring to try out Fame without a saddle.
So the first times when I rode her I felt a bit wobbly and out of practice, and also slightly tense as she still can suddenly in a magic way teleport herself some meters to the side of where she was a split second earlier. Or take off for a long side, just to have some extra entertainment because she got “scared”. Hmpff.
But I have kept on riding her without saddle about once a week, on my lazy days when I wonder if I should give her free, but instead end up taking some stretching exercises in a short session.
I have found out that the old lady still can sit out some extra entertainment along the ride.
So now I relax, and she too; it is “normal”. I have even taken her out on trail without saddle.

I got tired during the training mainly because I have had a very lazy summer doing absolutely nothing, so it is a bit tough (but great) to get going again, lol!

There are some advantages of riding bareback, I believe.
What is nice, and what I like, is that you just have to be in balance with your horse. You feel it very clearly if you are sitting over to the left or right, or are somewhat behind in a movement because you slightly lose the balancing point on your horse.
I feel Fame's back much better, which enables me to feel without a doubt her when her back is up and swinging. If she is a bit tense, it is more difficult to sit on her. It also makes it easier for me to get my timing right when giving an aid.
I believe Fame feels the signals from my seat and my positioning better. Unfortunately, when I am not very clear about it, or doing something wrong, she feels that better too. Hehum.
I get a good stretch of the tendons on the inside of my thighs, opening up in the hip joints. Good for a “mature” body, haha.

So all in all, I believe there are some advantages.
If I had not been riding her bareback from time to time, I would have had a problem to carry through the lessons this weekend. That would have been depressing!
Maybe that is the largest advantage!
I did not have to miss my training!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

This sounded like a great idea, good for you for going bareback. I'm sure it was fun and challenging.

RuckusButt said...

I enjoyed reading your description of the difference. I used to ride bareback quite a bit when I was younger and always appreciated how good it was for your balance and really being in tune to the motion, like you said.

The women I ride with now are more "mature" than I am and are not interested in doing occasional bareback lessons. I'm tempted to read them your description :) But then, I don't want to push my luck, they already do much more jumping than they would like thanks to me.

HorseOfCourse said...

GHM - thanks, yes it was!

RuckusButt - why don't you start out, and maybe they are more inclined to follow if they see that it is nothing to worry about?