August 04, 2009

Virtual trail ride - riding the horses home

Kate at A year with horses had a virtual trail ride as a post a while ago.
Such a good idea, so here I invite you to come along as we ride our horses home from summer pasture!
This is the farm where the horses have been during the summer. It is further into the valley where we live, about a 10 min drive from home.

In the wood surrounding the farm there are sheep grazing during summer.
Today they were on a visit.

On the farm lays what most probably is one of the oldest houses in the valley.
It dates back to the 17th century.

So who is participating?
My daughter with her horse Charlie.
My horse Fame and me.
First we must get the gear and the saddles.
My daughter is on her way into the stable to get hers.

There we are!
I wouldn't say the tack is neatly stacked, but it is on place!
Now we can get the horses.

The horses were faaaar away.
We tried calling.
Helloooooo, where are you?
Charlie? Fame?
And guess who's coming? Full speed ahead. Sweethearts!

Fame tries to get first.
Competing with a (harnessed) race horse that has grown up in this terrain is not easy, but she managed in the end!

Charlie comes third!
The rest of the guys are trailing after.
What's the fuzz about?

On with halters, and up to the farm to tack up.

And off we go.

I usually start out/finish by leading Fame so she can get warmed up and cooled down without any weight on the back.

Futher down the neighbour is fetching his horses too.
Time to work!

Not easy to get clear pictures while on horse-back!

We turn off the gravel road into a path...

...and after some minutes we get out on the main road leading through the valley.

Here we have busses....

...and bikers, and also people on roller skis. But that's OK.
The really scary stuff is:

....water drains!

All houses are red!

Fame and Charlie really like photography stops.
Feed time!
(they haven't had ANY grass this summer. Hmmm.)

We have to watch out!

Mooses are everywhere!

And we have to keep the speed limit...

Now we are approaching the crossroad, where the shop, the school and the church is.

This is our shop. It is also a small café. Nice place to meet your horsey friends.

They even have a parking place for horses - isn't that nice!

Here is the school.
It is Oslo's smallest school, just around 80 pupils in total.
My daughter went here from 1st to 7th grade.

Here is our neighbor stable, and their indoor arena where we have some access during winter time.

Now we are getting close to home.
The little red brick house is called "The Bath".
In the old days, when people had no bathing facilities at home, they came here.
There were also quite a lot of men living and working in the forest with timber, who definetely needed a bath before returning to civilization.....
Now my friend Berith is living there. She is running the neighbor stable.

Passing the last bridge before we come home.
Heavy rainfall has resulted in much water everywhere.
Normally we would have used a path from the school to the stables, but it is so muddy everywhere, so the road is better.

Almost at home we meet Siri on Zan-Day from our stable.
Fame is very interested.
Hello, where have you been all summer? Done something interesting?
The stables are in the background, where the road makes a turn.

Taking up the stirrups before entering...

And finally...
FOOD, yeaahh!

Thanks for accompanying us!


Irene said...

Kul att följa! Vackra foton. Mysigt.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for the tour on your ride home. The countryside is beautiful and the houses are wonderful. I love the sheep and could deal with them, but don't think I'd like to encounter a moose or two on my ride. Your horses are so well behaved on the roads with so many distractions, especially the monsters in the drains. I'll bet they're happy to be home.

Anonymous said...

Det var jo en fin tur hjem :)
Det teltet med elg på var Tarzan livredd for i begynnelsen! Blåste i nesa og hoppet og spratt ;)Tror han har skjønt at det ikke er en ekte elg nå ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the tour - it was lovely - such pretty countryside and houses. Have you ever actually encountered a moose while riding?

RuckusButt said...

Thanks for the great ride! My virtual horse behaved himself very well ;) I love the red houses!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Thank you for sharing your ride. Those are wonderful pictures. You live in a very beautiful part of the world. I had to giggle when you showed us the very scary horse eating drain. Why are all the houses red?

Anne i Hannover said...

Ååå, fikk litt hjemlengsel nå;)
Great photos and funny comments!:D

stillearning said...


jc said...

Felt as if I was there with you! Thanks for the comment re bitless bridles - can you tell me a little more about the sidepulls as I've not heard of them before?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Pretty countryside. It looks so peaceful there, and I like the red houses even if your horses don't.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for your comments all, and how exciting to have company from all over the world!!!

Kate - have you ever...Huh.
My record is 26 off on a trail that lasted 1.5 hrs. During wintertime it is so much snow up higher in the mountains that they are all over the place down in the valley where we ride. Read my posts from Jan if you are interested to hear about some encounters!

OnceUpon - partly due to tradition, partly due to one large landowner that owns most of the houses here. And he likes'em any colour as long as they are red.

jc, I have some posts on bitless bridles in June. Check them up, and I am happy to have a chat if you want to discuss it further. The sidepull is a Western bridle, so you can get it from a store where they sell western tack.

Oh NuzzMuzz, I don't think the horses mind the red houses, as they live in one! Water drains and large stones on the other hand...scary!

Di said...

Just seen this, felt like I was riding with you,thank you!!

Beautiful scenery!!!

allhorsestuff said...

That was so lovley! Thanks for allowing us to fetch the steeds with you and ride home!
I love your countryside!

gtyyup said...

Thanks for the ride!! It looked like a really good time was had by all. It's very beautiful there too!

I'm sure Colt would not like meeting a moose! Deer, cows, coytoes...that's about all we encounter.

HorseOfCourse said...

Di, Kacy and gtyyup - thanks for your comments!
gtyyup - I can keep our moose if you keep your coyotes. That sounds much more scary to me!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea and a fabulous tour! I love getting to live vicariously through your trail ride. Thanks