May 24, 2009

Busy weekend

Our local riding club arranged a show this weekend, show jumping Saturday, and dressage Sunday.
Lots of work in advance to register participants and plan taks, and early start and hectic days in the weekend.
Above you see Nessprinten. He is my husband's horse, and is turning 24 this year.
He is the sweetest, kindest horse you can imagine. He is still doing his job as a riding school horse, taking care of the insecure. He might not be the most beautiful on the outside, but he is good as gold on the inside.
Here he is recieving his price from the judge for a clear round in one of the lower classes .

Above is a picture from the price round in one of the dressage classes.
The horse in front is a cross Fjord/arab. She is 25, and did a good round both in the show jumping Saturday and in the dressage Sunday.
I love to see sound and happy oldies, taking care of new riders and giving them good experiences.

In the middle of the dressage show, we had some extra "entertainment".
The Icelandic horses from the neighbouring stable had escaped, and came running in full speed alongside our arena.
The poor horse that was in the arena doing the program got scared and bolted out of the arena completely with her rider.
It took some time to get things sorted out so the show could go on.
Here two of the "locals" are entertained by the visitors...

Hey, whazzup? Are you moving in with us?

Now here are two of my favourites: Hjalmar and Tarzan.

Tarzan is a cross Fjord/Oldenburger, but as you can see the Fjord got most of the cake.
Both on the inside and outside!
Tarzan came to the stable with Hjalmar's girlfriend, Siri.
She took care of Tarzan at the local riding school when he was a young horse, 13-14 years ago. Then she moved, and lost contact with him.
Two years ago she tried to find him again, succeeded, and also bought him. He is 18 now.
Her boyfriend Hjalmar found out through Siri that riding was fun, and one horse on two persons was not enough - I am sure we all can agree on that?
So they bought another horse, and Tarzan and Hjalmar have become real buddies.
I just love this horse. He is a real rascal and won't let an opportunity pass by, but he is charming too. Always in a good mood. The eternal optimist!
Now look at the photos below:

Here Tarzan has found a new, much better way beside the jump.
Look at his smug and content expression!
Hjalmar is not equally content with Tarzan's "improvement".

Here we go again!
This time Hjalmar got to decide which way to go.
As you can see, Tarzan loves to jump. He just couldn't help himself when the opportunity came up...

And on Sunday the two buddies started again.
Look at the dressage guys, Hjalmar in riding coat and Tarzan with a braided mane.
This was Hjalmar's first start ever in dressage.
Here he is letting out a sigh of relief after finishing the program.
Yeah Tarzan, we made it!
Tarzan is wondering what the fuzz is about.
And here, look at the concentration in the ride, in both horse and rider:

And the result?
Yes, they made it!
In spite of deciding to enter the day before, and just having ridden through the program after the show jumping yesterday....
Way to go, Tarzan and Hjalmar! Congratulations!


Grey Horse Matters said...

The show looks like it was great fun. Love Tarzan and for that matter all the horses. Your husbands horse is very handsome. The older horses are the best thing for the more inexperienced riders, they have much to teach.

RuckusButt said...

Ha ha, I can just hear Tarzan saying "oh, you mean you wanted to go over that??". I am surprised at the Fjord crosses, any idea how these usually turn out?

I agree with Grey horse, Nessprinten is a very handsome fellow.

Anonymous said...

Tarzan is adorable - and looks to be having a lot of fun jumping! Your husband's horse is indeed beautiful - he looks to be patient and willing - these older horses are such a treasure!

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for the comments, all!

Yes, RuckusButt, I can hear the same comment, LOL! Tarzan often makes me laugh...

I have seen some Fjord crosses over the years, and they usually turn out very well. With a good, sensible temperament, sound physics and often well proportioned.

One of my best friends when I grew up had a Fjord/SWB cross, and he was a super horse. We spoke about him when we met after all those years in Gothenburg this spring.

Once Upon an Equine said...
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Once Upon an Equine said...

All beautiful horses! Looks like the show was a great success despite the hooligan Icelandics who crashed the party. Very fun!

I'm surprised about the Fjord crosses too. I think it is discouraged here in the U.S. But I met someone recently who has a friend who loves Fjords and loves Donkeys and plans to cross the two. Now that would be a sight. And I can't begin to imagine what the disposition might be like. I think Marley already has a little "asinus" mixed with his "equus". :-)

HorseOfCourse said...

OMG OnceUpon, to cross a Fjord with a donkey?? ROFL!
That would be a sight...
I sure hope your friend is both patient and persitant :-)
I would give a hint that a Fjord/Arab cross would be a better idea. Then she would get a nice horse.
I have met two, both very nice riding horses.