May 15, 2009

First flying change!

Once again the Danish trainer Jimmi Sørensen is here, and I have booked three lessons with him.

He came 10 minutes early, so I got a bit stressed as I felt I hadn't had enough time to warm up Fame, but we just went ahead with some supplying work.

I asked Jimmi if he could help me with my walk piroutttes, and he asked if he could sit up and feel a bit on Fame first, which I of course agreed to.

Here Jimmi and Fame are doing some walk piouettes.

While he was sitting on her, I asked him if he could try some flying changes on her as well.

Riding flying changes requires feel and timing, and I feel so rusty as I haven't done them for 6-7 years.
I haven't tried since last time a couple of weeks ago.
I feel Fame is ready for it though.
And Jimmi and Fame did som nice flying changes. Three or four off actually.
I was proud of my horse. Jimmi liked her too.

If you ride your flying change by shifting the direction (like you do on a show jumper), most horses finds that logical.
But in dressage, the horse is not to change on a change of direction; that is why we learn them counter canter. They are to change on the aid, and the change is to be straight, balanced and uphill. A bit more difficult for the horse to understand.
In the beginning you just want them to change on the aid, and to make a correct change (not change one stride afterwards with the hindlegs).

Then it was my turn.
Here we go.

We first started out to get a good, collected canter.
Then Jimmi wanted us to change on a soft serpentine along the longside.
Didn't work out too good, Fame got a bit strong and rushed off.
So we changed tactics and took a short diagonal instead - and we made it!!
A clear change, and a good one too! Yippeee!!

I am patting Fame's neck off right after the change.

Treat time. She had earned that one!


Anne i Hannover said...


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

When I read about such things as flying changes, I always wonder how many years it will be before I learn that. Right now I'm just trying to stay in the saddle and keep control of my horse. It sounds like the lesson was very helpful.

Irene said...

Vad duktiga ni är!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your horse is lovely and from your post and pictures it appears that the treats were well-deserved!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations, I can see a lot of 'changes' in your future.

RuckusButt said...

You both look fantastic. I am in lesson envy :)

You know, my mother's second husband is Danish with the last name Sorensen...I'll be searching for any relation, lol!

Fame looks larger than you described in an earlier post. It must be how well she carries herself.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Good girl Fame! And good riding HorseOfCourse. Glad you had a productive lesson.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks all! I am just childishly superduper happy for this, and I'll cherish it like a candy bar for many days, lol!
Unfortunately I was a bit unlucky yesterday while cutting potatoes for dinner and I cut off my fingertip too. Just the fleshy part, but no more riding on me today :-(