May 07, 2009

Today's entertainment

I love youtube.
I find all kinds of old things there. Things I haven't seen for two or three decades.

When I went to university, the British comical series "Not the nine o'clock news" was running.
Rowan Atkinson made his debut there.
It was really, really good, and one of my class mates had a video tape recorder.
In the beginning of the 80ies this was heavy stuff, in particular for us poor students.
He taped all the episodes, so I have many good memories watching them (and also Bond films), cramped in a sofa or on the floor with many others and some beer before or after taking a trip to a party somewhere.
One of my favourites was the McEnroe breakfast.
In the end of the 70ies, beginning of the 80ies, the tennis world was dominated by two players; Björn Borg and John McEnroe.
It was extra fun to watch tennis at that time due to McEnroe's temperament.
Borg was cool and concentrated, but McEnroe went bananas. Over everything.
And lo and behold; what did I find on youtube?
The very same episode!
So here it is; The McEnroe breakfast.
I hope there are some more than me out there that remember this guy ;-) because they imitate his behaviour really good in this scene...
Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend everybody!

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