March 04, 2009


Elin’s pony Charlie has not been well the last two days.
When going out in the stables on Monday morning I noticed that the bedding in his box was in disorder. He did not seem sick though, he was looking his normal, charming self.
But when Helene was to feed the morning meal, he was lying down and rolling. No feed to Charlie.
During the day he had the occasional roll, but did not seem much affected apart from that.
I kept in contact with our vet, and Elin took Charlie out for a walk when coming home from school.
He had no temperature; he did not seem very affected and was searching the box for every straw of hay he could find. But the droppings looked harder than normal, and he kept having a roll occasionally.
I was not comfortable with the situation, and as the day went over to evening, I asked the vet to come by.
After making a rectal examination he found out that he had a blocking close to the appendix.
It was good that I had called him out.
Charlie got a salt solution by tube to help loosening it up and also some pain killers. No food until the droppings looked normal again.
I was up checking him during the night. He seemed fine.
In the morning he also seemed fine, but still hard droppings.
I had to leave for work, but Helene was to keep an eye on him.
He was not getting any worse luckily, and early afternoon it seemed as if the prop had come loose because the droppings were not “droppings” anymore, it was running.
I have never been so happy for diarrhoea in a horse before!
When the evening came he got a small amount of hay, and he looked fine this morning. I believe I finally can stop holding my breath.
Colic is scary stuff.

Prince Charming, he's such a nice boy


OnceUponAnEquine said...

Ahhh, he's a cutie. So glad Charlie is better. Read your earlier post about purchasing Fame. I can relate as my Percheron was 3 and untrained when I found her. Sometimes the heart wins over the head. Fame is very pretty. Enjoying your winter scenes too.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks OnceUpon!
Yes, we're so happy he's recovered, and all went well. He's a good one.
And Fame - well that was all heart. Still is. Sometimes we have to do "crazy" things, and maybe they turn out to be the best of all?

Irene said...

Varje gång ett kolikanfall kommer är man livrädd. Man vet aldrig hur det ska sluta. Tur att det gick bra.

HorseOfCourse said...

Hej Irene. Ja, väldigt glad att det gick bra. Jag blir jättenervös.