March 14, 2009

Spring cleaning

Spring has arrived (I hope? It keeps snowing but the days are getting lighter) and with it some extra work.

My daughter is to start this year's first show on Sunday. She is stepping up a class, so it will be exciting.
When riding through the program at the training Monday it looked very nice.
My daughter has had quite a lot of problems with migraine lately, and have been sick during the week. I meant it would be better maybe not to start, but she got very dissapointed, so we are going ahead.
I hope she will be alright.
But look at our little Show Prince above!
He is no show prince anymore, he is Jungle-Jim.
We have some serious hair dressing to do today to dig out our show pony again.

But it's not only him.
My daughter's cat Simba get a fantastic winter coat.
It keeps him warm and dry during the winter which is good as he loves to be outside in all kinds of weather.

Problem is that he refuses to be brushed.
*Yac, girl stuff.*
I can almost hear him.
He wrings like an eel, and gets bad tempered.
Which of course is really stupid as all of the winter coat is to be shed when the spring comes. He gets large lumps in the coat.
So every spring I have to bring him to the veterinary clinic, get him sedated and then I am able to clip and brush.

In the end it looks like half of the cat is lying in the heap of hair at the side...
He is very content afterwards, stupid thing!
Our other cat Sweetheart loves to be brushed, that is one of her favourite things. Another favourite thing is to sleep in my lap when I'm sitting by the computer.
As I can't resist to cuddle with her the result is a lot of cat hair on the keyboard.
I can live with that.
A soft, warm and sleeping cat on my lap is one of my favourite things.


Irene said...

Hoppas det går bra, lycka till för henne! Du får berätta hur det går. En sån underbar katt. Min vill oxå gärna ligga i knät när jag sitter framför datorn.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks Irene! I'll write an update when we are finished tomorrow...

Stephanie said...

Good luck at the show! What level is she riding at?

HorseOfCourse said...

Thank you Stephanie! She is debuting at LA.
Dont't know the American/English equivalent name, but the program contains leg yields, turn on the haunches, counter canter-walk-canter transistions.

OnceUponAnEquine said...

Simba is a very impressive cat. What breed?

HorseOfCourse said...

Hi OnceUpon! He is a Norwegian Forest cat, living up to his name...