March 13, 2009

Wildlife audience

I was training at our outdoor arena this evening together with my daughter.

My daughter had bought a bareback pad/saddle (whatever you call it) when we were down at the WC in Gothenburg, and I got her permission to try it out.
Suddenly my daughter stops her horse and says "We've got audience"
"Huh?" I say, occupied in keeping Fame between the aids in a shoulder-in.

I look up at where she points, and there stands a moose.

No, two moose.
Our neighbour keeps the hay in a building where one of the sides are open.
So here we have Mummy Moose and Baby Moose having a nice Friday evening with dinner and entertainment...

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures.
It was getting dark, and I only had the camera on my cell phone.

They were really close, just some 15 m off, and Mum grabbed an mouthful and then took a couple of steps to watch what we were doing on our horses. Baby moose was munching away all the time. You can see his butt sticking out.


Irene said...

Blev inte hästarna rädda? Mötte 2 älgar i skogen i höstas o den ena hästen blev så rädd att hon skakade. Den andre brydde sig inte.

HorseOfCourse said...

Nä, de är vana. Vimlar av älgar överallt, gäsp ;-)