March 18, 2009

Springtime part 2

It was lovely weather today as well. Even our little sofa princess wanted to get some sun.

Another unfortunate consequence of the sun and the mild temperature is that the surface on the outdoor arenas is getting bad.

And as the afternoons are getting lighter I took Fame for a trailride after work. Wonderful!

And did I have one eager horse!
She was jogging down the path through the forest. As the snow starts to get rotten she had some mishaps with trodding through the snow at the edges of the path where it wasn't so hard packed. Didn't upset her though, but I got a bit frustrated that she couldn't watch where she was going.

We got through the first forest part and over the creek, coming up to a gravel road on the other side. The sun the last days had melted the snow so the road was bare in patches.
We had a long, nice strech right ahead of us.

Fame jumped, spooked and shied.
She was about as relaxed as a racehorse before the race. Thoroughly overjoyed with spring and the possibilities to let off some steam.
After trotting (and skittering left and right) for a while, I let her move over to canter. I was a tiny bit worried that she would take off totally, but she was eager but manageable.
We kept a high tempo for a while with trotting and canter.
I was hoping that she was going to relax a bit when she got tired, but today it seemed as if she had unlimited resources of energy.
It was getting darker but the warmth still lingered a bit in the air. You can really feel that the winter is letting go.
Finally we slowed down to a walk.

When turning home again she was able to concentrate on where to put her feet on the path.
Just before coming up to the stables again we rode into a moose.
I didn't see him first as it had turned quite dark, and Fame didn't see him at first either.
He just turned quickly around and headed back between the trees again.
Marvellous ride.
Marvellous with spring.


Irene said...

Låter som en underbar ritt, vilken fin natur! Men älgen är inte så kul att möta om man har en pigg häst...

HorseOfCourse said...

Men då var hon uttröttad vettu!

Anonymous said...

we had some days like that at the beginning of March...but we know the phrase 'in like a lamb, out like a lion' was coined for Alberta spring...

HorseOfCourse said...

Hi Alberta! I've never heard that phrase before. What do you mean with it?